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  1. Hey, Ross. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this to you but have you considered doing livestreaming on Twitch? I know you said in your video you're not the best when it comes to inprov but I do believe you could put out enough good stuff even on the fly. Plus it gets you some income both on twitch and on youtube if you decide to upload those over there as well. Also, it provides some content for your viewer base while they wait for your game dungeons and THE MOVIE. You could do streams once or twice a week for a few hours and go back to your business. Just an idea. (sorry if this has been proposed before - didn't find a mention of this at least in this tread).
  2. The awkward thing is that I actually worked at an amusement park in Iowa. This game pretty much gives an accurate representation of the place except for the zeppelin. We didn't get to have a zeppelin. That was sad.
  3. Received my tablet today and I got to see a new episode of FM. It was a good day....
  4. You do know he has the cheats enabled, right?
  5. IMHO, This would have been an excellent April Fools Day episode insted of just a regular one and trying to tie it with the rest of the plot since, well, AF episodes don't neceseraly require a continuous line of thought or any sence at all. Plus, it would be hard to explain the logic in jumping off a platform suspended 10 metres above the ground just to prove you can get injured from that. Or the fact that Freeman must use medkids and armor chargers and later on neglect them or mistake them for car batteries. And the most funny thing in the training are the shooting ranges. As if some prophet (mb G-man ) knew a bunch of theoretical-physics nerds would soon need to fight for their lives against the military, mutants and aliens from another dimension.
  6. When will you people learn to use AdBlock instead of bitching about YouTube ads Anyways, I liked when he screamed : Ninjas and the James Bond Villain Company. I bet we'll get a ton of laughs when Freeman wakes up in the crushing champer
  7. It would be understandable if Freeman could speak Spanish since Black Mesa is located somewhere in New Mexico which has a significant hispanic population and speakers.
  8. Technically, donators could download and redistribute those 'extras' so I don't see a point in making such a section. I think Ross mentioned the fact that he doesn't like to separate payers from non-payers over 9000 times already.
  9. Yey, we're 2 for now.I have exams in June but I'll figure out a way to help
  10. In Soviet Яussia voice actor picks you! Glad to hear from you.I hope you rest well now and go on with FM whey you're ready. P.S. : This is rather small but the site doesn't redirect correctly to the mentioned treads via 'Go to Forums'.
  11. Damn it, Ross, you're scary! Than again, Bulgaria is a scary place on it's own. Note to self : DO NOT enter eerie tunnels if I see one. About the episode : Well done I must say!120 GB of raw matherial?!No wounder Macihima need so much time to upload it. This is a truly spooky episode!I expected more laughts but the horror element is something new and exciting in the CP series.The only thing that bugs me now, thought, is that I will have to wait months(hopefully not years) for another CP episode or maybe a sequel(it would be appropriate, I think). Good job, mate! (:
  12. Son, I am disappoint Seriously though, I'm not judging your taste I personally enjoy : -FPS HL, HL2, CS ofc Unreal Tournament - big fan Return to castle Wolfensten Painkiller IGI2 Serious Sam XIII Quake III Arena Aliens vs Predator Soldier of Fortune II -RTS Stacraft - WIN Warcraft Age of Empires I,II Knights of honor C&C Generals -RPG (hack and slash) Diablo II LoD Devil may cry Note : I DO NOT like MMO RPG's -Turn based games Heroes (HOMM) III, V -Fighting Tekken 3 -Action, 3rd person shooters Grand Theft Auto Mafia Hitman There may be more but those are the ones I can think of right now
  13. User Control Panel > Board Preferences > My timezone Change it to whatever yours is (:
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