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  1. Deathbob

    Video Shortage Update

    You need a dehumidifier, get a dehumidifier. The bigger the better. Some store must sell them there. Walmart if you have to.
  2. Deathbob


    Get a dehumidifier with a configurable set point. The out side of the buildings it's fine, that's what happens in a humid climate. If it is just the light bulb in the bathroom, replace it. If something else is wrong with the lights have the landlord fix it. Curtains usually are not the landlords responsibility, fix them yourself if you care. The crack is probably not a problem unless it starts changing colors. Get a dehumidifier, get a dehumidifier, get a dehumidifier.
  3. Deathbob

    Ross's fun-filled Beg-A-Thon!

    Would annual donations result in a smaller number of fees?
  4. Deathbob


    I am also waiting for the episode because I mirror it for my friends.
  5. Deathbob

    Video encoding experiment

    I am really surprised by the variations in playback. For me best to worst: AVI, MKV, M4V, WMV The AVI didn't stutter MKV stuttered slightly MP4 stuttered quite a bit WMV didn't handle full screen motion well AMD 64 X2 3.2Ghz VLC 1.1.11 Nvidia GTS 250 There are better MKV players out there. For the file size gain I would vote for MKV even though AVI did better in my case.
  6. Deathbob

    Freeman's Mind Torrent

    It's not a torrent, but you can download them all easily with the Wuala client or one at a time over the website. http://www.wuala.com/Freemans%20Mind/Episodes/

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