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  1. Its like a cross between Ronald McDonald, Barney and an octopus.
  2. Oh wow. You have a lot of stuff on your hands there. If that were me, I'd be tearing my hair out. And for that mo-cap, are you using that software you mentioned in that 'Meeting of the Minds' video? Ipi or something. Can't remember.
  3. Checked back to see what the pun was. And I am now sad. 'This isn't the right way' when he was on the left wasn't it.
  4. When ever the credits start to roll, I scroll down to see the comments. You got me this time.
  5. Great episode. At first I was a little disappointed that he wasn't freaking out when he was about to be crushed to death, but then he said he woke up in a compactor again, I laughed. Yea, the only pun I could think of was the Valve thing. Well, someone mentioned the Rock bottom thing. EDIT: You have to tell Machinima that this is Season 2. EDIT EDIT: Is it the 'This isn't the right path' line? Because he's on the left. I've watched it a few times before I caught it. lol.
  6. Oh, you didn't do the entire course. But I'm not going to lie. This was a great episode. I personally didn't expect it, but I was only half surprised when I saw it.
  7. How about, a loud noise scares the WETFTTA away, the cocoon breaks/releases them and they somehow find a way out of the maze tunnel. When they exit out entirely, they look back and find that the hole is now gone. Mike asks Dave about the hole, and Dave replies, 'What hole?' After a brief spat, Mike shrugs it off, and they both walk away. But as they do, a noise(same that scared away WETFTTA?) is heard beyond the wall. IDK. That's how I would end it.
  8. Very Nice. I was waiting for this to come. And the ninja's seemed so much harder to kill when Actually playing it. They kicked my butt a good while before I had gotten past them. And did anyone notice the description for the video? "In this episode, Freeman chills out, makes it back to the surface, and has some downtime" That made me chuckle.
  9. Did anyone punch Freeman in the mouth for the pun? And those tracking devices. All that work to get away, only to find out that he was still leading them towards himself.
  10. I played Black Plague. For maybe 30 minutes then put it away. Scared my self. Did the same with Amnesia. I scare way to easily.
  11. Great great great. And I must say that I nearly laughed myself out of my chair when he comes up for air only to get strangled by the Barnacle. And what icthulu said. What did you use? EDIT: and perfect timing. Refresh the Main Website and the Download link is up.
  12. I half expected this when I got this post in an email, well, lets say I was a little disappointed.
  13. Arg, there is no 'Tears of Happiness' smiley. Emoticons have failed me yet again! And I thought I was the only one who disliked 'Two and a Half Men'. Anyway, YES! But we still have to wait.
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