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  1. Nice website but I got this notification at the bottom... "We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings" ... I can't be bothered with finding the settings and adjusting them so could you have the website default to peanut butter cookies as those are my favorite! Thanks in advance! You may be rolling your eyes at that but you're also smirking a bit too! :-)
  2. Was that a McDonalds reference? If it was ... I'm Lovin' it!!
  3. Ross, you are brilliant! I'm a pretty reserved guy watching videos and I love smart humor so your FM series's are absolutely fantastic but shooting that vort made me burst out laughing so hard. I played through half life so long ago that I forget exactly what's coming but when you arrive it all comes back and with your quick wit it just makes it so great to watch!
  4. someone was complaining about the intro? !? *rolls eyes* Some people want to complain about anything they can.
  5. I'm enjoying the new series immensely and have NO complaints. Things could always be different or better no matter what you're doing but I think this is turning out great. The pace is a little fast but would you stop to take in the scenery or throw TV's out the window when you're being chased by a relentless police force? Thank you Ross! I appreciate your work on this!
  6. Ross, In response to some of the questions you received in the video making you defend your portrayal of Freeman I would like to say that I really like your perspective on the story of half-life as a subjective view seen by the character of Gordon Freeman. You made him a believable personality that doesn't have an overview of what's going on and that's what made the first freemans mind great to me. It's what made the first playthrough of the game great also. Subsequent playthroughs of any story based game just don't have the same impact because you know too much about it. I totally get that and I think it's the best way to make freemans mind. I just wish you liked making them more. But i will say for a video series that you're really not "that into" making you are doing a fan-freaking-tastically good job of!
  7. After watching the episode an embarrassing amount of times and listened to everything closely this seems legit! ALOHA FREEMAN!!!!!
  8. Why don't you use the game 'No Man's Sky' for future online meetups! Oh wait, nevermind.
  9. Here's a couple questions regarding 'the movie' I've wondered about. If you've answered already I apologize. 1) Does it have a title yet? or subtitle or working name? 2) About how long will the movie be? I'll spare you my other questions til next time. Merry Christmas and Happy Winter's Veil. (yes i play hearthstone)
  10. I have to say I like the longer episodes Ross. I like RPGs but the only MMO i've tried is Guild Wars II only after a friend of mine got me to buy it. I did it because there was no subscription but I only played it a couple times a week for a few months before I learned to pretty much not like MMORPGs because of the combat grind. It's slow, non-immersive to me and monotonous, even with my friend beside me doing the same thing and we're chatting on skype. I liked the exploration but the combat made it pretty un-enjoyable for me. Loved the episode though and if this game was a single player without all the grind I'd be interested in it. I may have fibbed. I did install WoW a few years ago and played the trial. I didn't know anyone who played then so I was pretty much alone in the game and it didn't take me long to quit the game entirely. I couldn't get into the play or combat then so I never became interested in other MMORPGs. I guess I thought GW2 would be different because I had a friend to play with but ... nope. Just give me a single player, first person game and I'm good! Keep up the great vids Ross!
  11. Finally, I can complete my Plex library! Well, at least until more FM comes out. ... and i'm positive it will! I have to stay positive about this. Right? ... Ross?
  12. I know you want to put in less and get more content out faster but we waited 7 years for freeman's mind to come to fruition. It was great because the content was thought out and was worth waiting for, and for me, no episode of freeman's mind disappointed. I could count on quality videos! Now, however, you've found the low end of content production. Now bring the quality up some and find that happy medium so you can work on your movie. To be honest this is the first video i couldn't watch through. About a third of the way through part 1 I skipped ahead about 5 times until the end. Part 2 I immediately skipped halfway and then 2 more times to the end. Part 3 the same. Just couldn't get into it. To be honest, I hope you're thinking about freeman's further adventures and filing away some fantastic stuff for his return someday! Looking forward to more! (but go with what works...tried and true.)
  13. I do have problems that cause me not to be able to see in 3D. I can't see stereograms (they all look like tv static to me) ArWY-Ck-CPc But depth perception in general is a problem for me. In fact I don't drive because of vision issues, however, I did watch the video despite your comments that this video does not concern me. I consider the fact that I haven't been in one single bar fight in my life a way of justifying myself watching this video. As a bit of irony, though, I do enjoy optical illusions. Here's one of my favorite ones. Strobe animated sculptures. nom7NiTLrFg oh and nice video. How about giving us a regular progress of how you're coming on the movie?
  14. Ross should post a 'progress bar' for the movie kind of like he tried with freemans mind before. It should work better because the movie is just one project.
  15. ROSS ... come out to play!!! ...ROOOOSSSSSS .... COME OUT TO PLAYAY!!! .... RAAAAAAWWAAAAASSSS!!! COME OUT TO PLAAAAAAAAYAY!!!!!!!!! NwwY9y6O3hw
  16. Time never was my best friend ... ... I need time and in time i'll try to catch up with the rest. i'll do my best as long as i can take my time ... ... BOW BOW BOW ... 1mXyC5DVjC0
  17. http://www.gravitysensation.com/forum2/showthread.php?tid=865&page=5&highlight=tt2 Tags not working?
  18. Ross, I want to congratulate you and thank you for creating an EXCELLENT piece of work. It took a while but you stuck with it and we all appreciate your perseverance despite technical difficulties, trolls and others who shall be politely referred to as 'negative influences'. It is really a great series and I am looking forward to what is next. Thank You very much Ross!
  19. Hopefully my reaction to the last episode will be similar to the following. -Pl52xo0ox8
  20. ...and now it's friday and that means more freemans mind most likely since Ross has committed himself and fridays have become the norm for new FMs lately. Merry Christmas to all! I know it's been a while since i've posted here but i'm still watching and loving the videos Ross! Excellent work and I wish you the best. I'm sure you've made your mind up a long time ago whether you're going to continue FM through into HL2, however, I for one would be very excited to see you continue on past half-life 1. Compared to other video series' i've tried to watch, this is truly great stuff. The proof is in the pudding if after 7 or 8 years you still have a loyal following. I don't know what you might be looking for in a video creation engine, other than not being buggy, but unity seems to be able to produce some great stuff. Have you considered Unity? YdNdEuU30m4
  21. Pronounce Helious? Maybe it's just missing a few letters. Maybe it's supposed to be Hel-lac-ious.
  22. "Jinkies! I've got to find the mystery machine."
  23. Mmmm eggs! i mean uh, 7 ... or 8 or 9 out of ... some number larger than 7 or 8 or 9.
  24. Awesome episode Ross! Get well and Happy Thanksgiving!
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