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  1. Feeling like Postal dude is normal these days. There are so many terrible drivers out there. Literally licences out of a cereal box.
  2. Ever since I've had my licence I've seen more and more terrible drivers out there. Now, at first I hated it a lot. People do still piss me off. But sometimes it makes driving interesting, or fulfilling. I've tooted my horn almost everyday. Sometimes I'll even flash my lights. Road rage aside, it's quite fun sometimes.
  3. Ah PhysX, a gimmick that was so shortlived. What was the point in implementing it and buying it from Ageia, no one knows... OpenCL on the other hand barely gets use in Physics on the GPU. Bullet Physics uses OpenCL as well. I think BeamNG.Drive uses OpenCL, that's about the only game I know lol
  4. I'm running this at the moment on my Radeon R9 390. Works like a charm with a few tweaks
  5. I can accept that. (You wrote an essay-ish after posting this response, just saying) I didn't really ask for an essay, you've literally responded now with what could've been better input before; so yeah... Kind of awkward at this point hahaha
  6. I tried Wolfendoom before, but only through Zandronum (Don't play Singleplayer stuff through it) GZDoom is amazing and Realm667 always have great attention to detail in making Doom mods. As far as the list is concerned, I like it. It's not so much a bother to navigate. One thing to note is when new things have been added. Like: Maybe some sort of subscription of when new games are on there (I don't mean new, new...)??? I haven't used RSS feeds in like 10 years or so (The Notifications feature can work too). Add that and maybe a follow button of each genre and we've got a handy feature to behold.
  7. Oh no, someone said something bad about a game that came out just over a decade ago. Whatever shall I do Your response is lazy? I'm gonna need more input from you if I were to take it seriously. Also Gameplay boring? Wow... I maybe biased because the games still amuse me, but come on... You gotta do better than that. To each their own I guess.
  8. This isn't as easy as night and day. Half-Life as a whole is narrated while you're soaked into the gameplay, so the story is touch n go. Ergo: They're both rolled into one anyway? Kind of defeats the purpose of choosing one over the other.
  9. An Easter Egg? Not as enticing as you might think. Maybe instead of that he could have something extra concerning the other vorts. He did do this back when he shot that first one. Being jumpy as the character is, might not be a good idea...
  10. Such a thrill of a game. So much challenge can be awakened. Realm667 always has awesome Doom mods.
  11. According to the Steam reviews "You have to pay for everything". There's also a lot of complaints/mixed reviews...
  12. Some games and simulators (BeamNG.Drive etc) need 16GB of RAM to run normally. I've run into issues when playing and putting in an extra 8GB helped a lot.
  13. I usually get 2.5" drives out of broken laptops. One of them I have is 1TB
  14. Bit dusty, but meh. I've given this thing a "blow job" so many times, I feel dirty myself. Temperatures are better. Given this card is naturally hot even in normal conditions... Undervolted it's 28C idle and around 80-84C maximum on load. This card would crash over 95C, the biggest problem with one of the fans dying meant that even the VRAM would fry itself after a while. Would be nice to settle for an RX series GPU given the fact that it's similar in both VRAM and performance, just more efficient and less hot lol EDIT: Gotta mention the spaghetti... It's non modular. I've had this 750W PSU for about 4 years now.
  15. I've finally went ahead with my ghetto GPU cooling solution by cable tying two case fans onto my R9 390. My case is windowed, but I don't care about fancy LEDs and RGB nonsense.
  16. Only change I've made is I now have a nice Thermaltake case instead of a crappy tiny case that I hacked up to fit my big Graphics Card. Also have some more fans, still runs quiet
  17. The Witcher 2. I'm long overdue in getting this game, but damn is it awesome.
  18. Yeah, although people are right when they say this thing runs hot. What I've noticed is that either MSI and/or AMD have ramped up the voltage a bit too high. I've undervolted it and I can still manage a core overclock of 1070MHz (stock is 1000MHz and Factory OC is 1040MHz). Before, I used to hit about 74C max on load with an idle temp of about 50C, now I hit a max of around 60-65C and an Idle Temp of 40C with a custom fan profile in MSI Afterburner (hated how they made the fans turn off, it's stupid).
  19. Far Cry 5 running like a dream. CPU: Intel Core i5 3570 GPU: MSI Radeon R9 390 8GB PSU: Corsair CX750W RAM: 8GB DDR3 OS: Windows 10 Pro (X64) Monitor 1: Samsung 51" 1080p TV Monitor 2: Dell ST2310 1080p Motherboard: Gigabyte H67MA-UD2H-B3 Mouse: Logitech G500S (3600 DPI, switched to 800DPI Gaming) Controller: Xbone Controller Speakers: Line6 Spider IV Guitar Amp/TV HDMI HDD1: Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 160GB HDD2: Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 2TB HDD3: Seagate Momentus C 7200RPM 1TB HDD4: Hitachi 7200RPM 320GB HDD5: Hitachi 5400RPM 750GB
  20. Is it Taco Tuesday already? Good to see another video being pumped out. Even with the time it took to come out, it really did get me excited and as always, did not disappoint. It seems like doing a series like this has a different flow to it than HL1/Half-Life: Source. I really wonder how the Ravenholm parts of the series are going to be like. The fast zombies definitely seem like they're on drugs, that's for sure.
  21. Just upgraded Motherboard and CPU. I now have an i5 3570 that I found used for $50 NZD The motherboard I'm using at the moment isn't that great, cost $30. At least it's a placeholder till my other one gets here. The SATA ports are put in a stupid spot so that all my cables get squashed by my GTX 760. I'm also using a stock cooler that doesn't have a copper slug which has been installed with cable ties because I'm missing some of the push pins and one doesn't lock down. Well, if it works it works. Temperatures are fine. My Xeon X5450 with an LGA 771 to 775 mod worked well for what I needed it for, it's basically an Intel Core 2 Quad QX9650 that I got 2 years ago for the same price I got the 3570 for now. I would've used the beefy 130W TDP cooler from that (If I had an LGA 1155 bracket), but that's overkill and I'm going to be putting that motherboard and CPU in my girlfriends computer that I'm building for her. At least till I can find another LGA 1155 CPU like I did for cheap (She won't mind if her SATA Cables are squashed). The best thing I'd have to say is that I just got another motherboard shipping my way which has more SATA ports (need more than 4) and everything is spaced out really well. I can certainly say that having PCI-Express 3.0 over 1.1 feels like a breath of fresh air, not handicapping my GTX 760.
  22. I'd like for everything to be completely authentic with the Half-Life 2: Update mod. It makes a whole lot more sense since Ross dedicated some of his time towards it.
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