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  1. @ Tastychainsaws Oh, no, you didn't...! You didn't just make a joke about you-know-what, did you?
  2. Got me, as well. I first saw this on Steam and hoped for a video. But we all know that Machinima just wouldn't upload it like that. I like the Red Nose day more.
  3. @Bjossi, no it's the other way around. I'm quite happy about it. If you have a desire to continue the interrogation-- I mean, if you have any further questions, you can ask them in a personal message, and I will gladly answer, really. I am sorry for spamming the thread, heh.
  4. Frankly, that is who I am, a Russian. But no one cares.
  5. It is really nice to hear that you moved without any problems. Thank you very much for the downloadable video. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can help with when it concerns PHP, coding in general, at this point. As for the positions for voice acting... I wish you good luck. I am female, and European (I am pretty sure that I live and was born in Europe...), but there are numerous issues which prevent me from helping out here: 1. I am too young. This is the most obvious and coincidentally the main reason I presume that I am not able to help. 2. My microphone is seriously bad. Works if you need an actor to voice someone who speaks through radio set, but does not work so well in other cases. 3. I am sure there are a lot of volunteers who would handle it better than I would. All in all, I have no idea why I wrote this. In any case, good luck with all of your future projects.
  6. I don`t think there`s any point in talking about originality.. But I rather liked Shepard`s Mind. Chell`s is fine, too.
  7. Well, I think the second part of your sentence explained why exactly they insist on low res. I`m not one to complain, though. Never made a machinima video in my life. Also, their videos in the "Subscribtions" module don`t bother me, at all. I can find new stuff from people without any problem. I think there isn`t much to complain about, generally.
  8. Hey-hey-hey. No one says "Screw Portal 2", ever. I mean, seriously. The whole conception of the "Portal" is great. In any case, I`m not saying that I don`t want to see HL2: EP3 (HL3?) as soon as it`s possible. Maybe developers just ran out of ideas for HL.
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