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  1. Nothing like beating a guy into unconsciousness while he's in a pitch black room and completely outnumbered to prove you ain't afraid of anything. GO ARMY. Great episode. I'm really looking forward to the next one. But then, I always am.
  2. You may be the only one. Frankly, that would send Gordon careening over the Moral Event Horizon. He's a jerkass protagonist, yeah, but he's not a total psychopath. He doesn't kill people for fun, not even the soldiers. He's gone out of his way to avoid soldiers before, and has mentioned that killing them is one of those things that he'd put off if he had any other option. And it would make him unlikable for a lot of people. Or it would for me, at least. At the moment, Gordon just wants to survive. He's more than a bit crazy, and he's not a "hero" in any sense of the word beyond the fact that he's the protagonist, but he's not deliberately going out to kill people, either. Let's put it this way: The military is actively trying to kill him, but the scientists and security guards are just innocent bystanders. Shooting the soldiers who are already shooting at him, or who are obviously plotting to kill him the second he shows his face, is self-defence. Slaughtering the scientists and security guards who mean him no harm, and who want to help him (regardless of how crappy they are at it), would be flat-out murder. I get that he's threatened people before, but he's never gone through with it, and he's usually gone through hell right before his freak-outs. I'd be more than a bit pissed off, too, and probably willing to yell at people, threaten them and wave a gun at them -- especially if they were the reason I'd just gone through an extra obstacle course of death. I mean, if I'm getting assaulted by aliens who zap me, shoot me with bile, and try to attach themselves to my face, and suddenly the military shows up and also starts trying to kill me, I wouldn't be at my most rational or patient either. Gordon just wants to get the hell out of Black Mesa and go home. Or to India. Whichever. He doesn't seem particularly interested in or approving of the wholesale slaughter of unarmed civilians.
  3. Yes! Thank you! You just put my entire impression of Ross' Gordon Freeman into perfect words.
  4. He says "Quiero un poco de drogas, ¿donde están? Tengo dinero" which means "I want some drugs, where are they? I have money" Fabulous, thank you. Good to know Gordon's got his priorities straight.
  5. Oh, and does anyone understand what Gordon is saying to the scientist before the scientist reveals, in a shocking twist, that he speaks English? Unlike Gordon (and Ross?), I am not a polyglot. Working at it, but not yet, and not with that language.
  6. I think I just discovered my new favourite rant in the series. His rant about the security guard telling him that it'd be easy to turn the power back on still wins in hilarity value, though.
  7. I'm starting to suspect that Machinima is deliberately withholding the episodes, just because it's obvious how distressed we tend to get over them. There is no freaking way it takes this long to upload a single video. [/paranoia]
  8. *solemn salute* Seriously, I love your posts. I'm not sure how to feel about the fact that they will stop once Episode 33 is uploaded. I... I'm torn. I almost feel disappointed by the prospect, even though I know that it will mean the release of the episode. I've been doing that ever since I got into gaming, makes things fun =D also some people will think you're crazy if they don't know you do that but fun still. Ditto. I even do it with games whose protagonists are quite wordy. Although I will admit that this occasionally devolves into me swearing at my character(s) and demanding to know why everyone is retarded. "WHY ARE YOU BEING STUPID? I AM NOT THIS STUPID. STOP MAKING ME DO STUPID THINGS. WHY IS FAILURE MY ONLY OPTION? Screw you guys, I'm going back to Arkham Asylum. At least Batman doesn't disappoint me." Granted, not everyone can be Batman. In fact, only Batman can actually be Batman. But still.
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