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  1. How does the new rep system work?
  2. Hell. It's about damn time. Glad to be of service.
  3. Why doesn't he play the game, script it, then go to a recording studio and only rent it for like 2 hours? That way he doesn't have to continue to dip into fan welfare savings.
  4. Hey Ross,one thing I'd like to point out that's a bit annoying. The site's feed sends me emails a day after you make these things or more. I'm subbbed on youtube,so I see the videos right away, but sometimes i think there's a new video and it's "oh, that's the one from 2 days ago"
  5. What's your favorite part? I loved the water hazard level as a kid, and ravenholm is a classic, but I'm starting to really appreciate nova prospekt a lot more from my replays. Sending in the antlions to fuck up the combine at the entrance and backing them up with crossbows was really fun Also as to my original point, having freeman stare the answer to the puzzle in the face 3 times was just a massive cocktease for me wanting to see the next part. I hope Ross doesn't make him waste anymore time there.
  6. If I may offer one small bit of constructive criticism: Having Gordon spend minutes pointing out the absurd architecture gets a little draining. Route Kanal makes no sense from an engineering standard, but I think FM episodes are great when there's a lot more variety. Thats all. Also, if there's one thing I really want to see in FM2 is "original content" like, for example, if in FM you animated Freeman capturing a soldier and interrogating him for the reason why they were shooting him, and thats how he found out instead of him being in the dark for a good part of it. The Mike and Dave reference was great, more stuff like that pls In FM2 you could have Freeman capture a random CP unit and get some actual answers. because once Freeman finds out just how fucked Breen is it's gonna be really fun.
  7. Hey guys, I send Ross an email telling him to get in touch with my brother about automating his requests for manual review- hope he gets it and sees it.
  8. You rest up as long as you need my dude. Freeman can wait, and you need to put yourself first!!
  9. Why does your HUD disappear after the first 3 minutes?
  10. How is this a thing if you're still a sovereign citizen? Because since he isn't a Polish citizen it's technically like a really really long vacation right? If I escalate a claim in Cancun because I'm on vacation it shouldn't matter.
  11. Just wondering, whatever happened to The Last Stand? Next Halloween?
  12. Now, I thought Ross was covering The Last Stand: Union CIty after he got the fullscreen support to work.
  13. Seems like a lot of the time you promise more videos than one a month, they get delayed. My advice was to do either FM or RGD for a particular month, announcing it after the last one comes out. That was I can I imagine it might be better for both you and us.
  14. Just wanna ask if anyone knows, but is there ANY reason on a multidisk game to spread the game content randomly across five disks, rather than sequentially? It almost seems like they wanted to do a modern RAID array, but couldn't because RAID works by having ALL phyisical drives accessible at once... as well as RAID not existing back then.
  15. Yeah, I snagged this username back near the beginning of the forums I think.
  16. Just wondering why split the episode into two parts if it's out on the same day? I can watch long videos xD (haven't seen it yet, intending to.) It's psychological too- seeing an hour long video from you after a bit of a hiatus might've been even cooler xD
  17. I'd like to necro this idea because it seem really good. A good fun time in the free to play part of WoW.
  18. Is this going to be a meme for the entire run of the series?
  19. also, is Freeman still mute, or is he actually telling people stuff when it appears obvious he is?
  20. This episode's release coincides with my graduation from 2-year college. (it was the 25th, but still) I started watching at episode 22, so I was in middle school when I became away of this show. That's how long it's been part of my life.
  21. hey, are the servers going to turn on in 40 minutes? Cuz they arent on now I cant connect.
  22. For anyone who wants to play, I STRONGLY recommend downloading the map pack from Ross's link. UT2004 will try to download the map for you, but either their servers are tied to 2004 speed or something, or the protocol is broken, because it takes like 30 minutes to download them from the game itself.
  23. Think he'll meet Kleiner in the next episode, whenever that is, or will it be two episodes? Also I REALLY hope he can make time to do these once every two months, or even once a month. I know, I know, he HAS to finish the movie, but he's made one, so maybe he can find time?
  24. Why the hell did Freeman want the G-man to teleport him to Hawaii? As far as he knew, he was still wanted by the U.S Military.
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