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  1. Honestly I'm not only surprised Ross did an actual Sonic game and didn't pull another Wolfenstein (like maybe he'd play Jazz Jackrabbit or an unrelated game with the term "Sonic" in the title) but the fact that he played the one I played as a kid is amazing.
  2. I had a strange but fun idea for something Ross could play with his fans. As many who are fans of the game know, in World of Warcraft one of the lowest level elite enemies is Hogger. In the past people have created new level 1 characters and orchestrated large scale attacks (raids) to kill Hogger. Tr53GTsjPvI So I was thinking, since you can "try out" WoW and play until level 20 for free, what if for a future play session Ross were to organize a streaming session and we go Hogger? We could also do other stuff as a level 1+ possy such as dick around in higher level areas see how far we can get without all dying. Now I don't know if this will still work as WoW updates and could potentially have some updates that make this not possible or not as fun (nerfing Hogger or phasing making it so we can't see each other) but I think if all goes well this could be a fun thing to do with a lot of fans. And now for some Pros and cons: Pros -Can support A LOT of players -It's free (from levels 1-20) -Not to hard to grasp for a first time player who just wants to kill Hogger or run around Stranglethorn Cons -Phasing could make it so we can't see each other -Large Download -Too many players could lag/crash the server or phase each other out Neutral -Requires Battle.NET account -Text Spam from a lot of people being around. That's all I got to say on this. What do you guys think?
  3. First off, this game has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland. Okay, so does any one else on the forum know about the Wonderland series? It's a series of puzzle games in the style of "moving around a 2 dimensional grid while pushing boxes onto buttons and getting to the exit". This game was simple (and a little dated at this point) but had a decent impact on my childhood. It also has a level editor that I dicked around in all the time. Here's a screenshot that could jog some memories.
  4. I have had Twitter open on my 2nd monitor 90% of the time I'm on this computer since mid/late 2014. And let me tell you, you're right. Still, would be nice to have something for Ross.
  5. In the May broadcast, Ross briefly touched upon the idea of getting a Twitter account. It hasn't been brought up again since then and I think it's a good idea. Now it wouldn't be a social account, this would just be a good to notify people of live streams, new videos, and other announcements that don't seem to be heard outside of the Youtube account(s) and the forums/site. Thoughts?
  6. Bip Bop 2, Nyet 3 and Helious. I love when Ross goes into some deep vault games where there are no videos of the endings or in Bip Bop's case, no information on Bip Bop 1 or 3.
  7. A contest? Alright. Local artist/business man/unregistered sex offender, Trevor Philips, has created yet another piece of art out of blood. This one he called "The Lobster". One art critic gave us a statement saying "At least it was his blood this time."
  8. I think it would be fun to have a Q&A thing done with Ross. For those unaware of what a Q&A (Questions & Answers) is, it's as it sounds: We ask Ross questions about stuff and he would answer said questions. I thought it would be a fun thing to do. That is all. PS: Sorry if I put this in the wrong part of the forum.
  9. Me and my dad are working together to make a computer built for playing older DOS games. So I thought, you know what, Accursed Farm forums might like to hear about this and might have some pointers. Here are some WIP pictures: Here's what we have so far: An old small (yet very heavy) Gateway monitor. The dusty housing for this beauty. And here's the inside of the case. And what MIGHT be our drives if they still work: Like I said, it's a work in progress. Tomorrow we're going to search nearby Goodwills for a drive and possibly a less bulky monitor (although I like the look of the one we already have). Once we got our pieces, we're going install Windows 98 and try it out on some classics. So I'll give you guys some updates when I can. And we're open to suggestions if you got some good ideas. ...Hey what's that? Is that- AGH!! Cthulhu was living in that case!! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFU-
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