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  1. P0V3RTY

    Donation Awards

    I had an idea for those whom donate to your website. How about if the give you a one line of script for a video ? I understand that you have copyright issues so giving any credits would be a touchy subject but knowing that a line that someone gives you somehow was worked into a video is kinda cool. ' For example : forum guest Eugene Batwings donates $10 US with the request that the next Freeman's Mind has Freeman saying , " Niche says, " Out or chaos comes order" " Yes another random thought by Gordon Freeman. To make this special for all whom enjoy your movies, the requests should be sent via private message through your website or via email. This will keep all scripts personal and giving that element of surprise to all your viewers. Again this was just a thought. If there are others with ideas on how Ross can award those whom donate without taxing his time or bank account , please share them here.
  2. P0V3RTY


    Great line Ross! But my all time favorite was the one you made about speaking at the funneral of the soldiers. Speaking to the greiving widows," I am sorry for your loss, but your husband was a rat fuck meat head !" Ross Scott for president !!
  3. P0V3RTY


    Being a railway worker I really liked this episode. I especially loved how Dave can so easily manipulate his counterpart into doing anything!
  4. P0V3RTY

    The acknowledgement of other "Mind" series'

    Not to be one to speak on the behalf of any of the Mind series creators, but if I am not mistaken, there are audio clips recorded of all the Mind series creators from a webcam conference on YouTube although what the video is called eludes me at the moment.
  5. without a doubt, " Coffee.. coffee... coffee...... not as strong a methamphetamine.... and it let's you keep your teeth! "

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