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  1. I don't play Dota, but I will definitely vote for you if I can!
  2. FvfmZSdyw_I Hasn't there always been a delay? At least that's what I remember, but I don't really know how long it was. I think maybe a week or 2 would be enough, but if it would be a month that wouldn't hurt me either. btw: Can we expect the streaming versions of the videos to go online in higher quality as well? On Machinima there's only 360p available (I think I remember you saying that machinima requested the videos being submitted in that resolution), which is not really state of the art
  3. Hopefully everything will be better now, I wish you the best of luck. FYI, I was never pissed or blaming you for not releasing new videos and I hope most fans feel the same way
  4. I had some problems there, too, because I was too defensive at first. But you really "just" have to destroy the helicpoter as soon as possible (otherweise more and more troops are droping in). Try killing the first wave of soldiers realls fast (grenades from the SMG work quite good) and then hit the helo with everything you got (starting with rockets of course)
  5. I think the answer is simple: It would be impossible to carry all this stuff (and still move normaly), so Ross just ignores it. Otherweise he would have to come up with an explanation on how Freeman can carry 100+kg
  6. Based on what he said in episode 8 he's not really successful with that (talking about tasers): "I swear, half the dates I go on it's just 'ZAPP'! It's not as bad as pepperspray, though...GOD I hate pepperspray!"
  7. The only time I really hear a difference is at ~8:30, when he finds the rocket launcher in the cave. But maybe it's just the way he talks at that part (and to be honest: I dont really like it - the screaming and shouting Freeman is much better IMO )
  8. I didn't even find another way down in Black Mesa (but I didnt really look, so...) lol, my first thought: "Mike? Mike? There is no Mike in FM/HL...he's from Civil Protection !?" Then I got it^^ :D
  9. I don't think you're the only one who had the idea to slide down that pipe (I did that too)
  10. Sometimes they're really funny, but in general you're right. To cheer you up a little, maybe check out this video about youtube comments (if you haven't seen it yet): gx-WBaSNrTQ This is brilliant
  11. Yes, there are some situations with great potential. But there are also a lot of things different / missing so that some of Ross' lines wouldn't be possible in Black Mesa. I think if Ross would have startet FM now, with Black Mesa, we would still have loved it and we maybe would have thought that its funnier that way. But for the sake of continuity I still think it's the right descision so stick with HL:S. btw, I think Black Mesa is a great game, it feels a lot like HL2 to me (which is my favorite part) and it is better than a lot of new games that cost 50 bucks.
  12. great episode, well done Ross My favorite part was "You hear that? I think that's silence! That's the sound people make when everyone trying to kill me is dead!
  13. Yeah, good quote for a t-shirt^^ "I thought I hated mosquitos...and then I met you!"
  14. This episode was pretty dam awesome
  15. I once had Bruce Willis' voice on my sat nav (he talked like in Die Hard)...it was pretty cool (freaked my mom out, though xD), but Ross'/Freeman's voice would be epic "Go left" *drives right* "NO, NOT THIS WAY YOU IDIOT!" and just some random quotes now and then..."You know, following a trail of bodies, covered in blood, is a sign you are going the WRONG way!" on the highway: "everything...this way! Awesome!"
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