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  1. Do MKV and add commentary tracks to Civil Protection episodes!. Also for playback don't use VLC, use CCCP or K-Lite.
  2. Any ETA on when we'll actually get a download link for Episode 38 ?. I hate Machinima.com and their crappy YouTube quality.
  3. As usual Machinima butchered the video quality. Upscaling to 720p from 480p, tearing at the 2nd trip mine, and annotation spam.
  4. I've noticed 2 problems with VLC. 1. No support for linked MKV files (http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=87228) 2. Uninstaller doesn't remove all VLC's files (http://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/4615) These may not be important to some, but I really have a problem with them.
  5. Just wondering, what version of the K-Lite pack do you use BTGbullseye ?. I never really used the pack do to getting hooked on the CCCP through my anime.
  6. Another great playback solution is the Combine Community Codec Pack. Mainly recommended by Anime Fansub groups it's 1 simple download which allows you to play anything.
  7. What do you mean same cons as MKV ?, doesn't QuickTime and Windows Media Player support playback ?. The audio may be abit more restrictive then MKV, but it's not like AVI doesn't suffer this aswell.
  8. ^ VLC isn't really great for MKV files. I'd recommend a codec pack like CCCP, It plays even more then VLC.
  9. Just saying I won't download an AVI file unless it specifically states it's XviD. Hate the DivX video codec, along with the company who made it.
  10. In regards to the poll wouldn't mp4 probably be the best choice ?. It's supported by QuickTime so it would be easy to play, and it would probably be very easy to mux into a mkv.
  11. For me it doesn't really matter which container you use, as long as the releases are consistent and on time!. Preferably in the 848x480 resolution you recently started using on Freemans Mind.
  12. So about formats, are you going to be releasing previous episodes in 848x480 res ?. Also can downloadable copies go up sooner, hate waiting to watch your videos.
  13. I'm noticing the downloadable copy isn't out yet. Can we please have it, I hate Machinima's YouTube uploads. Upscaling to 720p is horrible, especially for a game with such low graphics.
  14. Ross: I'm in Poland. Fans: Wha?? Fans: I'm going to kill you, and all the cake is gone!.
  15. I guess the forum avatar file size could be raised a little bit. Both Lord Sinister and I have avatars larger then 16 kb.
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