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  1. i listened to the first half hour of the interview, and i would like to tell you Ross that i also like Civil Protection more than Freeman's Mind. i've seen your episodes long before you started Freeman's Mind, because at that age i was dumb and addicted to Half Life 2, and ran over your CP episodes on YouTube. what can i say, i liked the way you messed up with Mike and Dave, and their different yet interesting personalities you gave them..i realised you really worked on the project and i started following every episode. then you started Freeman's Mind, and that was very different compared to Civil Protection, and i don't want you to thing i hate Freeman's Mind, it's pretty..what pretty, it's damn good!, but..yeah, i like Mike getting hurt more. i would like to wish you good luck at making more CP and FM and a lot of support from the fans (which you cannot doubt of). and i also wish you to exploit the great ideas you have and whack us with your genius. have a good day!
  2. this is my response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b32Ll7cbIg4 and be sure you bang your fucking head all of it.
  3. that would really be apreciated, thanks!
  4. tell me about it, i've been watching Ross' videos even before he started doing FM. there's smoke coming out of my mouse from all this YouTube & AccursedFarms refreshing. and i sure am going to Hell for how much i've sworn Machinima. ah well, i hope it's worth all this waiting...and bad words
  5. i added you as a friend yesterday or so, should check it out, man
  6. yeah, well when it's finally going to come out, i'm sure you'll be so happy you'll crap your pants.
  7. i have no problem at all waiting for Ross to finish an episode, but waiting for machinima to upload it drives me crazy!!
  8. Sibiu, Romania. also known as Hermannstadt, its german name, and for the fact that it was European Capital Of Culture in 2007. proud you could check online and real time footage of the Great Square, here: http://www.sibiul.ro/webcam-sibiu-live/piata-mare-sibiu-4.html
  9. uuuh...Hard Rock(Bon Jovi), Heavy metal (AC/DC, BLS, Ozzy), Thrash metal(MetallicA), Grunge (Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains) and lately, blues-infested rock (Clutch is bad ass). generally, i listen to live bands. the bands that are able to throw a huge goddamn concert, 2 hours long and blow the whole crowd away. i also think that because the crowds are no more what they used to be in the old times, the bands are no more what they used to be. but i'll always be in the first rows, screaming my lungs out when a big band comes around. hell yeah
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