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  1. I'd vote MP4, but the motivation given does not match my opinion. Therefore I voted MKV
  2. It looks like she's eating the progress bar. We need to kill her before she ate it all, or Ross will have to start all over.
  3. Ah yes. But knowing Freeman from FM, he'd just have walked past it or didn't listen to the security guard at all.
  4. Assuming Freeman's training equals to Hazard Course seen in the game, he doesn't know what the batteries are for. I can't recall seeing the batteries in the hazard course. The reason he doesn't use the chargers might be that he thinks it's for the other functions of the suit (ie. the annoying voice, the flashlight (which autocharges, but freeman doesn't know that), and any other electronics) and not for the protective part of it.
  5. Why are we blathering about FM2 while the main priority should be getting FM1 done first?
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