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  1. Dire Straits - Money For Nothing, heck yeah
  2. Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna - The Blood Of Cu Chulainn
  3. I must say, for me it's General Dripik from Oddworld Abe's Exoddus When you where in the War Room to control him, that was just friggin' epic
  4. Mike Oldfield - Moonlight Shadow [Extended Version]
  5. I see, woohoot Only bad part is, I never know the date. So, I'm the worst Calendar you could ever buy
  6. My surname is Kalender (Dutch), translate into English... And that's the end of this story
  7. That's my standard procedure after a clean setup, There a numerous services that's not even necessary and are crap
  8. It's not obscure, but I received it in an email from my coworker and I think it's funny and well-thought The iPad 2 Review
  9. Maggie Reilly & Mike Oldfield - To France [Extended Version]
  10. You shouldn't be mate , In my case it's more like a tick, if people takes photo's from me, my left eyebrow automatically raise unaware Sometimes very annoying >.<, see it like someone who always close eyes during photographs like Forrest Gump
  11. @His Spogness Nice beard mate, really nice pipe After work, with some visual effects as a joke
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