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  1. LED, brighter and sharper + uses less energy. Desktop or laptop?
  2. I would use it to calculate everyone's IQ on this forum. What would you do if you had a genie lamp?
  3. Unfortunately that's not enough.
  4. Unfortunately no one else posted.
  5. Who needs Serious Sam when you've got Hilarious Harry?
  6. Pokemon, Digimon is kind of a copy. Wired or wireless?
  7. Banned because it's hard to spell New Zeland wrong... OH ****
  8. Seeing as the votes are cast and there is nothing I can say in my defense anymore, I vote for Brad so later on, when I come back to haunt you all, I can say "told ya". Until then...You'll never find the cash now, you fools ! EDIT: I wonder if getting lynched hurts as bad as it looks...
  9. I am trying to get you lynched, because you ARE by far the most suspicious of us all (if anyone bothered to reread). Now you are all FOSing me for livening up the game and taking part the most. You are tossing everything and everyone else aside and that is not cool.
  10. Anyone else see those loads of excuses? I reread and I found nothing. You are just reassuring others to vote against me. BTG, you are still neutral, do reread, see that I am innocent and vote for the more obvious guy, Brad. I know it is NOT Srake, he's just trying to be the hero. As for you, Axeldeath, I WOULD vote against you IF I was not so confident about Brad being the mafia. Reread and you'll see why I suspect Brad the most.
  11. Epsilon quit by himself, suicided. Onion and Paladin were murdered. What you just said could have been a newbie mistake or you are trying to make yourself seem innocent with the "i don't even care about this" attitude. I call that suspicious.
  12. Or that just makes me a scapegoat for whoever did it. I am following my first instinct because I am a shark and I do not look back. I would like to hear what the rest of us in this godforsaken farm think.
  13. Banned for sounding like a pyro.
  14. Ask for he's signature. What would you do if you were on a mission in Iraq?
  15. If I am in no position to point fingers of suspicion, then I'd say you, Srake, are in an even worse position to accuse anyone. The way I see it, you are trying to avoid looking at the big picture and you're just ruining my image. Directing the blame wagon at that guy who livened up the day seems wrong to me. Anyways, I believe you are just trying to be the hero who saved the village. Granted I have no way of knowing your role, but I can put a few pieces together My fos (finger of suspicion) stays on Brad.
  16. Sorry I was away so long, I had to get myself together after the last incident. While I was gathering my strength back, I had enough time to think about it all. We barely saw Brad yesterday and when Epsilon shot himself, he was cold and emotionless. After the previous events, I suspect Brad the most. The 2nd most suspicious would be Srake, who found Onion first in the morning. That could have been his perfect chance to get Onion, BUT Srake acted cool yesterday and even helped me bury Epsilon so I'm thinking Srake is just the unlucky one to find Onion first. Anyone else got anything to say? (or this game is as dead as it gets?)
  17. Estonian is like a newer and simplified version of Finnish. Compare the numbers (1,2,3,4,5) : yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä, viisi vs: üks, kaks, kolm, neli, viis. See what I mean
  18. I thought someone might bring this up Think of it like this: if we do lynch someone, we might get the mafia and the game, that has not even really started, ends and will prob be forgotten on AF forums. If we let this one go on for a few rounds, we'll all benefit from the cool story Psychotic Ninja provides us with. Hope I did not just take a huge step towards getting lynched :/ I like this game, but it seems like it will die off without someone pushing a bit.
  19. I know Estonian, English, flawed Russian and a bit of Finnish. I want to improve on the last two and I plan on learning Italian in the near future, because I have some distant roots leading to Italy.
  20. Fortunately I just posted in the mafia thread.
  21. We need to decide what to do. We could randomly lynch someone based upon hunches only or we could not lynch anyone and see how the story progresses I say we do not lynch anyone ! Who's with me?
  22. I guess we are all new to forum mafia, besides Psychotic Ninja. We need someone to lead, but since we are all newbies...we got a problem. EDIT: nice story btw.
  23. Who needs to be a creeper when you could be the most annoying mob in minecraft, a cow.
  24. Should we chat on this thread here or via PMs? It could get messy if we do it right here.
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