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  1. Well, congratulations, Ross, on finally completing Freeman's Mind! I for one just look forward to seeing what else you do with your creations, and will likely enjoy them regardless of their nature. That alternate ending was scary as hell! Good lord...
  2. Right, yeah, you're right. I was misremembering.
  3. It gets even worse in Black Mesa, or at least it feels like it. There though you can at least see the mines and trigger them with grenades. That's how I cleared my way through it; I threw grenades and took out enough to make a path. Also Ross, I really hope you don't have to rerecord your playthrough of the next part too many times. Even your usual godmode isn't going to prevent the triggered death that comes from setting off a single laser or box of explosives inside the next section. God I hate this next section. It's absolutely bonkers in every possible way, and Black Mesa didn't improve on it at all. But yeah, I thought you did really well with this episode. It was slower paced, sure, but I enjoyed it quite a bit and feel like you did a fantastic job with what you had to work with. (The line about shooting off all the paint on the suit was particularly hilarious.)
  4. He's been walking in a straight line this whole game. He can't go back, therefore the only way is forward. But seriously, Freeman has as much reason to go to Xen as anyone. Even if he doesn't give a crap about anyone else, he cares about himself and he knows if he doesn't at least try to stop the aliens, he'll have no chance of a decent life afterwards. Stopping the aliens might be enough to make him look like a hero to the public so that he isn't a pariah hunted down for self-defensing several hundred soldiers.
  5. Ross, you might want to consider getting in contact with SFDebris. He's been doing science fiction reviews(primarily Star Trek) for many many years, and he moved all of his stuff to Blip a couple of years ago after Youtube starting going nuts with copyright issues. I mention him because his audio is pretty much just his voice plus whatever comes from what he's reviewing and usually that audio isn't as well balanced as what you normally do. So if anyone might be able to help you work out this particular kink so you can avoid it in the future, he might.
  6. Here's hoping you're able to get that contract worked out as soon as possible, since it's more than a little silly how long it's taking. But hey, if they posted your video despite the contract issue, that to me is potentially a good sign. It says they value your videos and want you to continue with them. Of course, whether or not that means they'll let you do what you want to do is another question entirely. Whichever the case, I think you did a hell of a job with your April Fool's Day video, and I look forward to when you're finally able to post videos freely again without some contract crap messing you up.
  7. That was brilliant, picking up on Doom (and with a mod that I've never seen to boot) to use for your April Fool's Day eppie. I'm looking forward to the news tomorrow on what all's happening. In the meantime, I hope your throat didn't suffer too much from that strain you put it through. The thing was hilarious as all get out, but it hopefully did not come at the cost of your voice.
  8. This is wonderful news! And here I was beginning to fear nothing would ever happen.
  9. Except I checked it on another video the instant I started having the issue, and the other video ran fine. And then the power suddenly went out in my house, forcing a restart, and after getting back online, the video still wouldn't pause properly, while other videos would. So I'm going to pick the angry nonsensical option and blame Machinima.
  10. Was I the only one who couldn't get the video to pause on Youtube? It's not my browser because other videos pause on Youtube just fine, but this one not only wouldn't, but wouldn't let me seek either, so I couldn't go back if I missed something. I'm using NetVideoHunter Firefox add-on to download it because I couldn't watch it normally. Frustrating.
  11. The one I've used by far the most often is "Oh look who called it!"
  12. This is going to sound like an incredibly stupid question, but I can't see any of the attachments on this forum. No button to click...no pictures...it's frustrating. Why is this? How do I view attachments? I've never had this problem anywhere else before. Anyway, in regards to the episode...funny stuff. Totally my mood going through that section too. It's a godawful section of the game, I must say...so poorly designed because it's so unclear where you're supposed to go.
  13. You'll be fine, Bjossi. If Icelandic university is anything like our American versions, you'll have a lot more fun than you did in grammar schools or secondary schools or high school or whatever you call them in Iceland. In any event, it's good to hear that things are looking up in Ross's battle against Windows 7. I wish I could have helped, but I know about as much about programming as I do about lacrosse--that is, nothing. It is amazing that Youtubers are being silent about this time, though. It bothers me how much people shout at creators on the internet, whether they be webcomic artists or makers of things like Freeman's Mind to make more and faster and faster. Ross owes us nothing. He doesn't have to do this. He does it because he wants to. We should be more grateful than we are.
  14. NO! IT IS NOT MORTE! IT IS NOT A ZERG! IT'S NOT A GOD DAMNED REAPER! It's from Bubble Bobble! God damn kids with no sense of history whatsoever...
  15. Except that the strength or impact of an event is irrelevant to how the brain stores the memory. The brain doesn't work that way.
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