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  1. Either that or he would think of it as a coincidence...
  2. I seen it on Machinimas Channel
  3. Maybe they might make it public when the time is right...
  4. The waiting till the video is made public is reminding me of a Beavis and Butt-Head episode called Killing Time, where the two wait for something to come on TV for 2 hours. But the time till they mark it public is unknown...
  5. Meh, Mind series are becoming too mainstream...
  6. Like they say: Tiers R 4 Queers
  7. off topic, but am I the only one a bit off put by Chell's expression? her eyes are always locked wide open in a sort of dear-in-headlights stare. I like her redesign, but the eyes look weird to me. YOU SUCK MCBAIN!
  8. Oh god... This one is a vomit inducer. I mean this looks so lazy.
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