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  1. Can anyone tell me which city in Poland Ross lives in? Im visiting Poland at the end of April and making a stop in Wroclaw. If Ross is in Warsaw or Wroclaw Id love to meet for a pint
  2. I've been following Freemans Mind for more than 4 years...started at about episode 25 I believe. I watched it all in one breath...and the sheer innovation of the concept made me literally laugh out loud. Kind of like when I first discovered yugioh abridged which is also hilarious. Thanks Ross for the laughs. I hope you will indeed do HL2. The opportunities for interaction with other NPCs are awesome...I always thought it had even more room for humour. Im also super curious about how Freeman would interact with Alyx and I think everyone here is hehe.
  3. Excellent episode, keep up the good work Ross!!
  4. I agree with creating a page with a list of donators and also with the tags idea. However I can't help thinking it will take quite a lot of work to continue updating that, are there any community admin's who can possibly help Ross with those tasks, so he can focus on making awesome videos? I think the idea of having a person contribute a voice (if he has a mic) or contributing a line is also very good. However since it's not possible that ever donator do that, why not have a draw once in a while amonst the list of donators for the voice acting? In the latter idea, it might be better for it not to be random, but maybe have a thread going and Ross will pick out the line he sees best fit for a certain episode. I've really seen some very funny ideas from people on the forums here.
  5. CptCooL2's Freeman's Mind(-ish) 2 is actually really decent I think. The humor is similar to the original FM in my opinion, but he needs some work on behaving more realistically in game (needs to smoothen the camera movement)
  6. I think HL2 offers A LOT more in terms of FM content (or in other words a lot more stuff for Gordon to make fun of!) In FM the majority of the humour is derived from comments on the ridiculousness of the design of the BM facility and also Gordon's random stories that tend to fill in parts of the game where he's just walking around. In HL there is much much more in terms of interaction with NPC's, more complicated, open environments etc etc. Particularly interesting would be how Gordon would handle the relationships with the major characters of HL2. I think for us, who've all played the game, walked in Gordon's shoes and experienced the characters in our unique way, seeing Ross's interpretation would be very very interesting!
  7. I've gone thru the entire series only twice. I think overwatching it would just ruin it for you! CP I've prob watched each at least a dozen times... For me CP's brilliance isn't in its humour..it's not the laugh-out-loud sort of humour that FM has, but the whole series has a well-defined style and feel to it, a sort of everyday life surrealism..reminds me of Spaced a bit actually.
  8. Running into (and consequentially) away from the snarks will be pretty fun as well B) Now that he's refocusing on FM I'm sure we'll see a new episode every few weeks, can't wait!!
  9. Hah, you guys have really good ideas, they all sound like they can come out of Freeman's mouth! Or well, mind I think it's gonna be hilarious when he has to fight the first ichtyosaur. Really not sure what could convince him to go in and do that! THose beasts were quite nasty!!
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