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  1. I broke my hand last summer, because of a berry-picker in a Volvo 855 coming around a bend on the gravel road I was working on! He lost control and went into a spin, hit the front end of my truck with the back end of the Volvo, spun around and hit the front wheel of my truck which caused the steering wheel to spin around and hit me with the brodie knob... He was pretty lucky I managed to stop the 50-60 tons of gravel and steel I was driving BEFORE he hit me! The berry picker was from Thailand, didn't speak a word of English and had been sent of in a car without an MOT test by some ass of a boss... My hand still hurt after 2 days so I went to the clinic and was sent 70 kilometres to get an ex-ray on a Friday around 2 pm, took them 20 minutes to ex-ray and then I was told to wait in the emergency room for a doctor to check it. At 8 pm I hadn't heard anything so I left and went home. Five days later I receive a letter from a doctor saying: Yeah, that's broken you better come back here and get a cast. So I went and got that done and walked around with a cast for four weeks feeling handicapped every time I tried playing a game or working with tools... Showering sucks but its a lot easier then when I had plaster over my whole left leg up to and over the knee after breaking that a couple of years ago. Here's a bonus picture of my swollen hand, I went full dinosaur pinching evrything with a thumb and a finger.
  2. Thats as close as you´re going to get of a picture with my lazy ass in it.
  3. Driving a snow plow... Stationary at the moment, i would like to ad.
  4. Well im sitting on my ass doing nothing and have been doing so for 2 weeks, just waiting for the snow to fall... Guess i shouldn´t complain, not evryone gets paid for doing nothing... But i can tell you people right now it gets old fast...
  5. I smashed my pinky toe this morning against the wall in my bathrom, I then proceded to cut the same toe with a small piece of sheet metal outside the living room, after putting a bandaid on to stop messing up my wood floor i smashed it into the fridge... This was quickly followed by me smashing a hole in the cupboard out of rage. Today is not going to be a good day...
  6. Congrats and good luck! Sucks being without one Im cleaning a carburator while watching MIB 3
  7. I found a copy of kingdom hearts 1.5 A couple of weekends ahead have been instantly saved!
  8. Waiting for them to finish shooting fiber into my house, im tired of these shitty mobile "broadbands" Living on an island will have its only downside vanish!
  9. And im just sitting here... Dont have eny driving time left to use...
  10. Think again... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vipera_berus OT: Here's the picture I promised... Yeah well i didnt include the rare "huggorm" since im pretty sure more people get mauled by bears then die from something as harmless as the huggorm actually is. (unless youre a child) And were only 9 million people here As i sidenote i killed one in the forest with a shovel a last summer.
  11. Sometimes i feel quite happy that i live in a country that doesent have enything venomous... Evrything just freeses and dies. And im catching a brake while operating an old crane.
  12. ha! open toe shoes.... I wouldnt have used enything othere than boots if i wasnt going swimming, the one thing crocs are good for since you dont have to cut your feet up at the razor sharp swedish granite. I couldnt weld something to look nice in my yard even if i wanted too, my mind is of the practical sort.
  13. Dont you drink enything other then cola? Oh, and im eating lasagna
  14. The test was for stick... It's a bend test, and you have to get a perfect bend. I actually have the easiest time with MiG... (I have an innate ability to set the feed rate and voltage just right) TiG is more difficult for me to get right, but I did get a bit of experience with doing it on some titanium. ($5000 worth of free titanium welding lessons, just because I was so likable) Ah, ok. I mostly weld on heavy machinery/trucks/cranes but i enjoy fixing cars too. One isnt a welder until one can weld with a stick upside down in rain! And as a side note, you should never attempt welding in crocs, (those plastic shoes) i learnt that the hard way when I was going to weld some hooks on a boat trailer for a friend before going to the beach...
  15. How hard is the test? What does it take to pass? And what did it include, MIG/MAG, TIG, acetylen/oxygen, or the "stick welder thingy-majigg"? I personally find welding with gas to be the hardest, but only with thin metal. And ive never touched a TIG since theyre a bit expensive
  16. Well im watching some weird cartoon movie called Porco Rosso Like it so far...
  17. Im tearing my engine apart, the wonders of machinery and oil.
  18. Max Payne 3 Im actually having fun, and this is my third playtrough this week!
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