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  1. Question - how was the vomit made? Source engine? PostProcessing? Intrigued. Also, I humbly wish for the christmas, newyear and my bday to have FM twice a month. Thank you Santa Ross.
  2. Well, I'm happy now. Maybe it's just a placebo taking place, but not it all looks fine to me.
  3. Awesome! And I guess picture quality's improved! I don't remember the wooden floor be so shiny! Yay! I'm a happy bunny! Also, no kicker this time?
  4. As a film director, IMO, Ross has to balance between what's good for the film and what's going to attract the biggest number of viewers. I'm sure he won't do a weirdest film possible, if it's going to betray his fandom, by catastrofically deviating from it's expectation. Like doing a documentary botanic reviews of different flower species. Even if it turns out great - that's going to need at least a new separate channel on YT and will have nothing to do with Accursed Farms as we know it now. We've all seen Ross twist HL1's plot. I suppose it's possible to see him mess with level designs as well, if it's going to support his own plot line, which made FM great in the first place.
  5. The mod was a student's project for graduation, or similar. What else but sexyfing everything can we expect from a HL2 student fan? Still, it's free and that's nice. I wonder if Ross is aware of this topic at all
  6. Only if you enable those options in the configurator... It has the ability of just improving the textures, no models or anything else altered. (though the modifications that allow for fewer loading screens are mandatory) Why do people seem to always assume that there is only one configuration ever available for mods? Added a screenshot of the configurator for general public. Actually, looking at it. I suppose Ross will use the mod just because of some bugfixes it has.
  7. That is an odd argument, I was mad at first... But nowadays... I've re watched whole series in one go and to be honest, the new sounds felt better. One one hand feeling nostalgic is good, on the other Film Director's opinion on what's better turned out to be actually better. That said, I trust Ross completely on this one as well. It's just while HL1 is great because of it's gameplay and feel. Where as HL2 was built to have props (models) in large quantities, bicycle here, barrel there, some wooden planks scattered around. Meaning more stuff might make the scene more rich. At least, I believe, that's what developers said. (Compare Morrowind and Morrowind on Skyrim engine with all extra foliage and clutter, makes it weird, but after seeing all that, the original Morrowind seems so barren.) So I see several stages of change: No change HD Textures HD Textures and Models (New guns are such an eye-candy, you just have to have that new magnum) HD Textures, Models, Changed levels Full cinematic Mod conversion Some people might think it's only former or the latter, which (the latter) is undesirable. I personally highly dislike new character models. And still after seeing the beautiful parts, it hurts to see them not used, due to not knowing there was that option. :New magnum In the end, textures in higher fidelity should not subtract anything from one's nostalgia at all, yet only add to the total quality.
  8. Please elaborate... Hyperbole and vague descriptions of being "bad" doesn't really help much. While I can't speak for Box Tactics, and I will admit I'm basing this merely on screenshots of the mod, as I haven't used it myself, but I would expect the biggest complaint would be with the character designs. Not only do they look nothing like the original characters (who have a lot of personality wrapped into their designs, which thus is removed), but they just look kinda... phony. Like doll people, in this weirdly unsettling way. The environments do look nice, but I would also argue that they occasionally change too much, and often have way more visual clutter than is necessary, which can also detract from the artistic design. Also, I could see many objecting to the strong use of filters. For the record, I'm strongly in the "vanilla HL2" camp, if only because it's the one I'm most familiar with, and thus I get a greater kick out of Ross's commentary on what he finds in it. As I have said, IT'S CONFIGURABLE!
  9. Just remember how many wanted to switch to Black Mesa. In my perspective - FM is a artistic show, not a let's play. A performance. Ross is bending the game to his will, as he sees fit, that is why I suggest this route. Maybe it'll allow him for a more rich toolset to play with. I wish more people are aware of the 2nd poll, with cheat protection one, for a more accurate result. Of only Ross would add a quick annotation in his FM2EP1 video with a link to it.
  10. Cinematic has spoiled me, and I've went through so much of hl2, I'd really love to see the action take place in something different. There is also HalfLife2 Update which is not that heavy on changing everything. Comparison! That'd explain the choice at hand
  11. This is a simple poll to assess how many people would like to see FM2 with enhanced graphics. Please send here your suggestions, from my experience Fakefactory has made the most extensive mod there is, with a nice installer, different install options and tweaks. I'll add your other submissions here to the poll regularly, so everybody can vote. Also it's going to be multiple choice, for a fair voting. There is a second link, which requires everybody to use their google account, if you have one, please make a second submission, this is going to be a control, and cheat-free poll. And the results are visible after you've taken the poll. Please visit this poll: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1i3EEAk6CfMQtkozrTyUb0f_IoKkfKhA8gsJqv5B2PVQ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1brI3I9UGnWeCeXPkN5LB0c1bC2zrEjgEoQm2QUGUFTA (With Google sign in) ********************************************************************************************************************************* This is how CM configurator looks like. To enhance your understanding - READ! p.s. So far so good, from the looks of it, every vote is a genuine one and the results distributing are looking similar to google sign in copy.
  12. I'd really love to have actually THIS MOD used for FM2! -> http://cinematicmod.com/ No need to change everything, just the textures on the landscape and weapons at least! PLEASE! I've created a poll to measure general opinion on this matter: Freeman's Mind 2 - Poll about graphics quality
  13. Care to elaborate? You sound fun, repeating it over and over. Reminds me on "Do you know who ate all the donuts?" scientists.
  14. Maybe even making a intro video - which autoplays if you visit somebodies channel. In any case, it should be decided if it's worth the effort. Maybe, THE MOVIE will get dubbed before release? That'd be great.
  15. Here's a better idea: If someone wants to create a German dub of a video, create it, then give the video to Ross for upload to the official Accursed Farms YouTube channel. Ross and the dubber could work out monetization percentages or whatever so that Ross gets some money for his work, and the dubber can get some money for theirs. Sounds nice! What's the incentive for that? At least a text message about it? Somewhere everybody can read it at least... It's all fine, only thing nobody knows about it.
  16. Statistics 101: If we poll 100 people, 10 will like red, 40 green, 25 blue, the rest will like other colors. If we poll 10k people, 1090 will like red, 4200 green, 2398 blue, the rest will like other colors. Meaning we can make assumptions about the whole, based on a limited sample size. The difference is negligible.
  17. Hey there Goldsmith, to answer your first sentence - it's simpler than working yourself. If you can with no bad consequences steal a couple of apples, then your pie will cost less to bake. Profit! Next, Not quite, I stress not directly monetization as it is, but giving people empty space to fill on their own (in this case there is demand for FM in non-english speaking sector), instead of filling it with own hands. I assume, if Ross had for example several channels divided by language, say Accursed Farms DE, for Germans, with less videos, at LEAST people would be discouraged to create yet another channel to do the translation when there already is an official channel for that, or even suggest their help on it. Next, what prevents? If we are speaking about nonprofit - being shy, believing the creator won't answer anyway, willing to do it without regard of creators wishes, you name it. If we are speaking making profit - all of previously said plus will to make some cash along the way. If it's really true that you can make something great out of a given work you just need to convince the other party of that. In my humble opinion, a translator wishes to spread what he sees as valuable to people who might wish to receive it. The fact of translation something rarely makes it great, or considerably more great then it was. Which in it's turn undermines your argument. In other words, I see it as a manifestation of a low demand, low quality force to provide goods where demand resides. Dubbing is child's play compared to creating an actual video. That all makes me wonder how a book is translated and how do they settle the matter with the original creator. Maybe we can learn from them. Thank you for being polite, Sir.
  18. It makes me wonder, how can a later uploaded video make claims on a previously uploaded video? Can I just download a video, reupload it and make claims I got ripped?
  19. I once had a customer forget a wallet with about seven hundred dollars in it at my counter. About three weeks worth of pay for me at the time. She was following a common bit of advice to only bring enough money to buy her planned purchase to avoid being upsold. It's pretty stupid advice, for exactly this reason. She wasn't an especially pleasant person. Anyway, I told a manager and he (probably) got the money back to her. I never got a word of gratitude from anyone. Still, what if I'd kept it? The good/evil axis of this kind of thing can be nebulous, but for example I could've given half the money to charity and kept half. The correct charity would probably have saved about 20 lives and I'd still have gotten a new game system. I can say with confidence I could've stolen the cash and not felt I was being a terrible person. Perhaps giving the money back was in fact the morally wrong choice. Regardless, the act of sticking my fingers in the wallet would still have been my act, not hers. To the extent there was fault, it would have been mine entirely. For me to feel otherwise would put me in the category of people who say "She deserved it for walking down that alley." As sort of a tangential example, imagine your stereotypical starving man stealing bread. Does his act somehow change in any ethical sense if the bread is guarded by a hundred soldiers? Does more shame somehow manifest because the bread owner took a high level of precaution? I'd say it doesn't. I know it's not quite the same thing, but I still think it works to show 'proper care' is NOT a good reason to adjust our ethical perspectives on any particular deed. That's all I have to say on the matter. You know, there are two kinds of ethics, the common one, and the one you choose for yourself. Different people base their own ethics differently compared to the common, some take it as it is, some take only 80% and modify the rest as they see fit. The goal here is to build your ethic the way you can live with yourself. If you say "I'm comfortable with stealing $xxx", then well, you won't have problems with your moral compass. Although there is a twist. Compare stealing, while knowing you're going to remain unpunished $10, $700, $10k and $100k. Does your moral discomfort keep building up, or does is crash after maybe $50k and upwards? I say Ross has an exceptionally strong individuality and does not require any pity whatsoever, he can take a blunt and honest opinion without being harmed and defend himself in a sophisticated manner. There is no need to make a fuss about somebody saying something provocative or ill suggestive, as long as it doesn't violate forums rules, like "Do not call people names because you feel like it", or any other case when a Banhammer is applicable. The best I can think of doing is - Showing our compassion, how we feel about the matter, sometimes using cash instead of words.
  20. No, you moron, that's illegal. You're genuinely considering engaging in a criminal act in order to profit your business and you want to provoke a discussion? You don't deserve the time of day. You sound funny, or naive tbh. As if you're living in a world where nobody breaks laws or rules. Oh well, some people just love their rules and laws, as it makes them feel secure and comfortable. No wonder they aggressively attack anyone who dares to undermine this comfort You're implying doing illegal stuff is inherently bad. I disagree. Stuff is called illegal because it's not wise to allow crowd to be in possession of it. Once a guy found a bug, that allowed him to top-up his cellphone with money without actually paying. If that guy were you, would you use it and not pay for your cellphone, or would you get it fixed for no revenue, or would you remain neutral and lay it aside? Which action makes you as you say a Moron? In any case, not caught - not punished - nobody cares. (as story continues, that guy was stupid and generous, so he told his friends about it, and they were foolish enough to indulge themselves with hundreds of dollars worth of calling and talking, which caused the attention from the carrier and forced the bug to get fixed in matter of days.)
  21. If a person lets a system run out of control, due to lack of experience or negligence, should we be extra compassionate? There was a way to avoid it, it could be noticed as soon as FM got big! Best thing I've noticed, regarding widening audience question - the inclusion of Diego's subtitles (would've helped adding also multiple foreign languages subtitles). Worst is Machinima.com brain-f*ck. We're all learning. Doing wrong is fine. Yes, yes, yes. We all remember how tight Ross' schedule is, and was, and will be, so there is a reason why it is the way we have it today. I'm not in position to say "Oh he should've just done this and that." Such a simple task has many hidden dangers, like collaborating with some nobody who just ruins the YT channel intentionally or by mistake There is a difference between saying "What he did is wrong! That was his mistake" and "He screwed this up, he is a moron!". Nobody should ever judge a person based on his actions or words. p.s. I'm this salty mainly, because this situation is upsetting personally, and due to work I do, which is related to those issues. Right now we're considering pros and cons of legitimately stealing big chunk of work and reselling it under a different name. That is ethically wrong. That can bring profit for a fraction of work needed initially. That is capitalism. Like the Rockefeller said "I can tell you how I made my millions, except for the first one". That, and I'm trying to provoke an intensive discussion, with some bold actions afterwards.
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