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  1. zolis2x

    How long have you been a fan of Freeman's Mind?

    Since episode 4.
  2. zolis2x

    how you found FM

    I was browsing on a Hungarian video sharing site called indavideo, when I saw the CP episode "Friday". First I thought it was an amateur video, then began to wonder why would anyone make subtitles (Hungarian ones) to an amateur video. I watched it, it was my first CP episode. Then I watched the other ones. Then began to search more related videos on youtube, that's how I found Freeman's Mind, which then only consisted of 4 episodes. I've been following ever since.
  3. zolis2x

    Civil Protection - Friday and Aliens

    Hali! Inkább a legújabb epizóddal kellene foglalkozni. A régieket már mások megcsinálták. Meg esetleg a Freeman's Minddal.

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