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  1. 1. Mass Effect Series 2. Elder Scrolls Series 3. Counter Strike (except CZ) 4.Half Life (all of them) 5.The Sims Series That basically sums its up for me.
  2. Ok... I know Ross has a lot of work cut out for him and everything, and i respect that. He makes good videos.. but why does it take what seems like 2 weeks for the episode itself to be finally released even though its completely finished?
  3. Why doesnt Ross just upload his own videos first on AF before machinima gets around to doing it?
  4. It makes me laugh in Friday when Dave stands there like an idiot and goes "Heyoowattchaeeyooayoooeahhateeegooaecheiauuaaa" And Mike is like "What the hell is wrong with you? There must be half a dozen cameras around here!"
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