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  1. This made my evening. Indeed, some games of that time, including this one, contained this primal evil in them that screwed up your ideals and made you enrage and willing to break someone's neck. I'm so glad this wasn't just me who felt it. If I'll ever make it to USA I'll get Ross some beers for making my life a little bit clearer.
  2. "This is a job for Ambassador Pineapple" And a grenade is popping out from Gordon's stash. Made my day.
  3. true dat, still - just getting FM-33 on this site would make us all happy like hell, and when machinima slowpokes it on youtube - all others would be watching it... well that is a good reason, got it clear now
  4. hello world! look guys, ive been watching FM almost from ep1 times, and one question always bugged me - why wait for machinima? mb i dont getting smth, but why cant Ross just upload FM to his site, or youtube, or wherever he wants? guess its kinda derp question, cuz ive never seen it, means everebody but me knew the answer, still too interested in wtf's happening
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