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  1. Very nice once again. Freeman is getting more agitated! I'm hoping all out rage before leaving Xen!
  2. Very cool, once again. Keep em coming!
  3. If only he had some sunglasses to drive off in the sunset lovely episode!
  4. That ending was delightfully fucked up. Keep 'em coming!
  5. Very cool episode! I too like how Ross's Gordon avoids the snarks.
  6. Slapstick violence is okay in a CP episode but realistic violence would just be out of place. Maybe. As long as it would benefit the humour it'd be okay.
  7. I thought it was pretty funny. Would be nice to see some more (verbal) action from the pair of them. It's all a bit..friendly. That's okay and stuff, but really, a bit more violence would be great I think. Cool video still. Really liked that 'i'm writing you from prison' xD
  8. hehe I know, right? You have really given it a thought haha. Sounds like some kind of modern-day Jesus with a crowbar! (and could we not use someone like that in times like these? ) But seriously though, for the story it wouldn't be right indeed, to just eradicate everybody. The Gordon in this series seems to be a funny smartass, but quite a normal human being nonetheless. Put into a nasty situation (to say the least) and his only way to get out of it is his sharp humor and ofcourse his weapons. "He doesn't kill people for fun" When my mate and I played it, we used to 'collect' the scientists in a staircase, save the game, and kill them in all possible ways. (This was ofcourse after we had finished the game, so we new what scientists we could use etc.) Hearing the wide variety of sounds they could make, the makers must have had some fun with them as well. I'm glad you have the opportunity to choose whether you are merciful, or just go through the game killing everything, kind of disregarding the story. Yeah, that could be cool indeed! It would certainly make the series a bit darker. Unless a scientist would die from running through a tripmine Gordon had planted for a soldier or something. We'll just have to wait and see
  9. Am I the only one who thinks Gordon should just kill the scientists? I always do; trying to make conversation on the way to the test chamber, only to be snapped at, or bluntly send off. But after the accident suddenly very needy of his awesome destruction abilities. HMMM... Also, but this might have been answered before, sorry in that case: why does ross use hl source? Normal HL is way gorier (and funnier for it).
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