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  1. That was in April. So just typical Valvetime Rosstime for the FM episode downloads, i'm guessing? P:
  2. Bravo. Also that bit at the end. True nightmares.
  3. I actually think it goes a bit beyond just vague internet culture though. A lot of internet reviewing seems to take cues from the popular conceptions of Roger Ebert (I Hated Hated Hated This Movie, Your Movie Sucks) and snark bait born of MST3K style. So a lot of the criticism and punditry on the internet usually either involves elements of that. As a result, there has been a lot of homogenization in style. Whereas not only does Game Dungeon feel detached from that, each and every individual episode just sort of goes its own way as a reaction to the game. It's probably why people like the longer episodes and how all over the place/rambling the commentary can be. Since that's so detached from the conception of formalized critique and makes the episodes feel of their own piece.
  4. He did indeed say that........... but on what basis should Freeman believe that? No evidence was presented in that little info dump. Why would Freeman think he's the most capable person for doing this? He's bumbled around the facility for several days, almost always on the verge of death. Sure, the military unit sent in to deal with the situation was incompetent. That's not necessarily a sign that he's the last thing between the evil super-mega alien and the Earth. Thus far from what he's seen and observed. This is a failed small scale containment operation that happened because some squad of goons were sent in to kill the science team rather than stopping an alien invasion.......... Surely he would assume the most probable way of defeating this thing will be the full scale intervention of the military?
  5. Episode 61 voicework already recorded. Got shades of Summer 2011 going on here with this level of productivity.
  6. Liked the commentary on FPS level design. Really, "Gordian Knot Bullshit" and "Interactive movie" both have one thing in common. They're both tedious. The former because you're wasting time in a level that often lacks focus and is incredibly convoluted, while the latter is all the "fun" of being shuffled from one "attraction" to another by a tour guide.
  7. Hey man, it was actually moderately funny at least. Which is more than can be said for a lot of other April Fool's day jokes this year *Darth Blitzer looks menacingly at the three episodes of "cat" grumps that was uploaded to the game grumps channel. I remember the good old days, when Youtube did that "1911" filter for April 1st, 2011. They should of left that feature as standard. And by good old days I mean that one time there was something on April 1st that actually didn't annoy me. So actually, it wasn't the good old days at all really.
  8. It is true that the level design becomes less mockable (outside of the myriad of exploding barrels), but I feel at least base HL2 has plenty of content for Freeman to comedically react to. *The Combine's "dictatorship" being inefficient as hell. Their police force is more stupid than the soldiers, they can only control outer city areas through biological attacks. They're completely incompetent at stopping Gordon........... hell, Kleiner is able to run a lab in the middle of freaking City 17 without issue. *The resistance views him like the messiah, for doing things that he only vaguely remembers (He's been stumbling through the game, pretty much just randomly completing the objectives), furthermore they talk about how great he is, then send him from one dangerous area to the next. Also, if we've learned anything from Freeman's musings, he doesn't view the Black Mesa staff very highly. So I can't imagine he'll be enthused to find out that he's still taking orders from them. *When he finds out the Combine's teleportation is "string-based", That probably won't sit well. *Ravenholm is entirely silly, to the point where it almost feels out of context with the rest of the world. *When Noriko "drops" Freeman into a horde of antlions, and that guy who's broken up about the death of laszlo, "the finest mind of his generation" The episodes are a bit more strained for material (Outside of Magnusson of course). Similarly Lost Coast could be a one off, but i've no clue what he would say there. Base HL2 should provide plenty of comedy though.
  9. Count me in as enjoying the series thus far, and I was fairly skeptical when I first saw these posted. It's fun listening to freeman but not-freeman Ross talk about really obscure games i've never heard of in my life. I'm all for more 10-20 game review shows on youtube as long as they find their only style and draw to give them a feel of difference. Pretty good so far.
  10. Here's the situation on that. Yes, I will continue putting downloads up, but since I'm going to be more dependent on the view-based stuff, I was considering delaying releases on the downloadable copies from the streaming one so they'll have a chance to get a foothold first. Let me know what you guys think of this or what you think a good time period would be. How about something like this? -New Episode is uploaded to blip, while a notification with a link to it or your TGWTG page or w/e is added to your youtube page. -1 Week later the episode is uploaded to your youtube account, but the video starts off with a little reminder that you can catch the newest episodes on blip. -2 Weeks later the episode is put up for download on this site. That would be a pretty simple timeframe for everything that could be tweaked as needed. As long as I eventually get the downloadable copies I really don't mind waiting 2-4 weeks.
  11. I'm just curious, but will we be getting downloadable copies of Episode 43 and 44 shortly after this contract stuff with Machinima is done?
  12. He doesn't have enough money now, but once we form a fellowship of like minded adults who tithe money together for salvation and merit badges. Then he can afford the Koolaid required. But all this would require me to leave my house and well, yeah, wouldn't be able to make it
  13. "Like why is there a dead guy inside these cages. I don't know what department this is but this isn't how how we kept our lab. If someone turned up dead in one of our experiments it got cleaned up immediately" And another piece of the Black Mesa is a negligent company puzzle appears
  14. I actually had this same criticism of Half-Life 2. All the story of why everything is as it is is "explained" by way of a single bulletin board in Eli's lab that I completely missed in my first playthrough. I wanted to know what actually happened and how things came to be, and interestingly enough, the only explanation that exists is to be had by reading 3rd party websites where people speculate on what happened. In-game, at face value, you wake up on a train, and just like in Half-Life 1, you're thrust from one event to another. Somehow a bunch of rebels start following you, even though you just fell into them by circumstance. I'm pretty sure that's working as designed though, the game unfolds in such a way where for those interested in the story there are things that can be observed and other all there in the manual material that gives proper explanation, yet if you just want to go and play the game and don't give a darn about the backstory, there isn't hours of exposition in the game about everything that's going on Because if he didn't act that way, it wouldn't be funny? >_______>
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