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  1. I quote Freeman all the time: No , the mailman isn't spying on you you're being paranoid. (Talking about DooM) Well it's better to reign in hell then get shot on the surface!
  2. I told a friend about Escape From City 17, and he told me about FM. Watched everyone now.
  3. ^ Use the console, as most of the commands can be easily found. I once set 9 mm bullet damage to 500 just for the heck of it.
  4. I like it just the way it is ATM. Don't want a drastic change to an unfinished project.
  5. I agree, plus it's not as realistic IMO to take a break every 6 minutes.
  6. I hope he regains some memory soon, though IMO it would be interesting if this caused him to make different choices, i.e. shooting explosive boxes and the like..
  7. Hi y'all! I noticed that Freeman seems to never use the magnum in Freeman's mind. So I was wondering, what do you all think about it? Should Freeman use the magnum or not? I personally think that he should, now that he has lost all his weapons. Nice gun when doing head shots, or taking out turrets.
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