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  1. sk8ing

    The incompetance of the HECU

    I get your point. Well you can´t expect soldiers to survive the box-smashing room.
  2. sk8ing

    The incompetance of the HECU

    HECU seems to be a bigger thing since they have all sorts of support as well as a big number of units and i think a good part of them is probably prepared to the things you mentioned, but it seems like shepards unit had specialised training for black mesa, you´ll find that in shepards diaries. I think the lack of information is the bigger thing here. We know that the scientists knew Xen and the aliens before the resonance cascade (you can find various labs in HL1 and the add-ons where they do experiments with the barnacles and stuff), but you never see a vortigaunt (i think, maybe i´m missing something) or any of the other bigger, more dangerous aliens, i think they weren´t able to gather enought information on those yet and i think they won´t give Top secret information to soldiers anyways. Also they didn´t expect such a big attack from Xen in case of a resonance cascade, because they weren´t aware of the nihilant, who coordinated the invasion rrather then just alines who randomly appear
  3. sk8ing

    Favorite parts from Portal 2

    #1 Cave Johnson's recordings about possible implications of the test´s e.g. your blood turning into peanut butter #2 Wheatley trying to hack things #3 I´m in space. Spaaaaace. And other stuff too but that got mentioned before
  4. sk8ing

    The incompetance of the HECU

    Good points there. I think it´s weird that the HECUs aren´t trained for urban enviornments. Since Half-Life takes place not too far in the past a special force like the HECU should be trained for urban enviornments, just like most spec ops these days. Also i would expect hazardous enviornment in urban areas like chemical factories ,a nuclear power-plant or Black-Mesa, rather than in the open field, that´s why a Hazardous Enviornment Combat Unit should be trained for those areas. Why send them in the first place if they are not trained for that operation, would be another question. Another point i would add to your list is that they probably weren´t trained for alien combat.
  5. sk8ing

    Particle Or A Wave

    The Particle-Wave-Duality actually says that every kind of radiation can be understood as a wave and as a particle (like light: can be understood as an electromagnetic wave or as a photon), it depends on the experiment. I´m really not sure if it can be a wave when we´re talking about electricity in an conductor but when the electrons are free (think its called electron radiation in that case) then you can talk about the duality. I can´t remember in which situation he said that so i can´t tell you for sure. PS: I´m no physicist either so if i got something wrong feel free to correct me.
  6. Hello everyone, In Opposing Force theres that scene where you walk around a corner and see Gordeon Freeman as he jumps into the Portal that brings him to Xen. As you may know you can follow him throught the Portal, you will arrive in the air next to Freeman (who stands on one of these flying rocks) and fall down then you die and a text appears: Subject: Shephard Status: Evaluation Terminated Postmortem: Subject attempted to create temporal paradox. I asked myself what would create a temporal paradox. And i came up with a theory: There were a few theories around that the G-Man is some kind of future version of Gordon, that would mean that Gordon travelled back in time so if Shephard killed Gordon he couldn´t age to become the G-man. Or (if Gordon is not the G-Man) Gordon will influence the G-Man in the Future to travel back in time. Also: G-Man could be part of an human organisation which tries to stop the alien invasion by sending their agents back in time to close the Portals. If you have any arguments for or against my theory just post them and i also want to hear other theories for the G-Man or the Time Paradox. sk8

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