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  1. Vapymid

    Ross's Hair

    Dammit... you know, you just need a page boy to follow you around and carry your locks as if they were a train of a royal dress But, also, I don't think you'll look like a tomboy, even if you trim your hair... so... Regards
  2. Oh, hey, man... Forget about the girl - it's her loss. Let her learn from her own mistakes. And remember - everything that happens is for the best, even if you can't see how it can possibly be in the heat of the moment. You concentrate on your studies now and keep your mind open and then one day in not too distant future you will find someone worthy of you. With the benefit of my years, I look back now and count my blessings that a few chicks I was mad about in the past didn't reciprocate the feelings and ruin my life in the process Regards
  3. No, that's not science... and theory and fact are two completely different things. Fact is something about the reality that is known to be true, as in - repeatable, measurable, consistent. Theory is a model which describes our understanding of reality. Theory is based on facts and it can predict other facts which can be looked for and discovered or not - to prove or falsify the theory. But you can't equate theory and facts, they are simply different entities. Things fall to Earth at 9.8 m/s^2 acceleration - that's a fact. They do it because of a distortion in space-time geometry caused by the mass of the Earth, known as "gravity" - that's a theory. Yes - but my point is that their beliefs and their science were not overlapping. What they believed in didn't interfere with what they measured, to put it simply. There is no Chrisitian science, which gives different results than Muslim science, which are independent of Buddhist science - there is just one science. Oh, that is not a theory. It isn't even a hypothesis. It is currently totally unfalsifiable - that is there is no objective criteria that can be measured to prove or disprove it. To say that "everything is created by and at the whim of an undetectable omnipresent, omnipotent entity which has absolute discretion to change anything, so that if something looks contrary to our beliefs - it's just an illusion created by that same entity and the only truth is contained in the Bible/Quran/Tripitaka/Whatever" - well, that is not science. Science doesn't know everything but it does not claim to know everything. In fact the purpose of science is to ever learn more and be able to explain more about the world we are living in. The moment you claim that someone or something knows everything - the science stops there. Regards
  4. Vapymid

    Ross's Hair

    *phone bleeps* "Text 'SUE' to launch a no-win no-fee compensation claim for your recent workplace accident". Regards
  5. Vapymid

    Ross's Hair

    Ah, noooo... Jeb, don't do it! You can be a Rapunzel or what was her name! Regards
  6. You can quietly suggest to them that they can become famous if they apply for the Darwin Award. Just an idea... Regards
  7. Science is not a religion. To have faith in science is not the same as to have faith in an unknowable God. When someone says "I have faith in science" - that meant they believe in the scientific methods and the procedures that science employs to separate random noise from discoveries. You don't have to personally verify every scientific finding and conclusion and re-stage every experiment - although you can do it if you want. If you have any doubts, you can subscribe to "Nature" and review the papers and methodology personally. But you know that because that vetting and peer review process works, you generally don't need to double-check and you can trust the published science as verified. Now, by definition - religion and science should not overlap. The former deals with the unknowable and the latter with the known and knowable. If your religion and science somehow contradict one another. e.g. if you are a Young Earth Creationist - your are doing it wrong. The reason for the contradiction is not theological or scientific - it is ideological. Regards
  8. I still firmly believe that the cause of nihilism is the basic lack of insight into natural sciences that so often afflicts philosophers and scholars of "humanities", making them miss the wood for the trees and tie themselves in knots of introspection... Regards
  9. You should be thankful you are not required to study the history of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union... I was in my school days... Regards
  10. Ah, must be that time of the month... Oh, wait Regards
  11. Oh, your hair has grown quite a bit since then *compares photo with the avatar* Regards
  12. Oh, Jeb, no - even commercial pilots can wear glasses up to +5/-6 or certain form of contact lenses and for private pilot licence the requirements are even more relaxed. For PPL you need Class 2 medical. Actually, it is even possible to get a restricted pilot licence (only valid for Australia) with just one eye Regards
  13. I am proud of you too, Jeb! But I wouldn't call it the dark side There is nothing dark in standing up for yourself. I'd say - to NOT do this is to feed the dark side. He proved himself a cowardly weasel, trying to blame you for his own shortcomings, laying a claim over you as if you were his possession, showing no respect even when he fucked up so badly that even he could not fail to notice it. He got what he deserved. Well done, my dear. Regards
  14. This is an interesting question. I used to completely ignore this until you got me to look into it some months ago. I can't say I've become obsessed but I was surprised how accurately these 4 letters can give a snapshot of a person't overall temperament. I still think there is much more to personality and character than just a rigid type but I think it gives a very important insight into the fabric of our society. As for typing people for work? Well, that's what the job of a manager has been all about for millenia - only maybe not as formalised More art than calculation - to select teams where you can avoid unnecessary conflicts and use different traits to the overall advantage... I would not go as far as selecting candidates by their types - no, that would be short-sighted and primitive. But knowing a person's type may give the manager or a colleague just enough guidance to know how to deal with them, what reaction to anticipate, how to ask for help, what motivation to use when giving a task to perform - that kind of thing. But care will be needed as it is all too easy to slips into blind dumb discrimination... People need to be taught what it all means before given these tool to handle... Regards
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-38812944 Eeehhh... Another one's gone... RIP, John Wetton... Regards
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