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  1. throttledan

    Down with the sickness

    Hope this isn't as bad as your encounter with the barnacle! Feel better Ross!
  2. throttledan

    Sick Leave

    I think the culprit could be that barnacle monster that got you a couple FM episodes back causing you to throw up in the Source engine! haha In all seriousness, feel better Ross!
  3. throttledan


    Great episode! This game reminds me of this video haha
  4. throttledan


    The unintuitive puzzles where you have to turn switches and connect pipes reminds me of a Half-Life 2 mod that came out a few years ago called "Steam, Tracks, Troubles, and Riddles." This was one of Ross's voice actor roles where he plays a steampunk-esque robot. Here is the steam pipe puzzle. When I played it I couldn't figure out how it worked for the life of me, I had to use the walkthru. Later, there is a part where the robot removes a crowbar from a machine (37.07 in the video). When I played it, I was never able to get that to trigger so I would be stuck in that area. I haven't played it in a couple years but I heard that they fixed a lot of the bugs so I may try it again.
  5. throttledan


    Talking about rediculous Rube Goldberg contraptions that do all kinds of work to do simple tasks, I saw this today. It is a machine to turn the page on a newspaper. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtentY8BmsI
  6. throttledan


    The song playing while demonstrating the takedown moves is the same as the opening intro to the original Quake-based Team Fortress. I don't know if that's what Ross was referencing but it took me back!
  7. throttledan

    Questions for September videochat

    What was the best or most memorable Christmas present you received growing up?
  8. throttledan

    Questions for September videochat

    Ross, when nobody is around, do you ever turn your speakers up really loud and hum weird noises into your microphone like Principal Skeleton from the Grickle videos?
  9. throttledan

    End of March update

    Ross, silly question, but just curious. Being that you grew up in Virginia, what is your experience with guns? Did you grow up with guns at home or did you go shooting with any of your friends?
  10. throttledan

    Valve News Network Podcast

    I enjoyed this podcast, good discussions going on, and it's been awhile since I've listened to some classic Offspring so going to go rock out to that! Hopefully we get more Rosscasts in the future!
  11. throttledan

    Birthday thread: Soundtracks

    I recommend the soundtrack for MotoRacer 2. This was an old 90's motorcycle racing game that came with my video card. The music is kind of like an instrumental ska/punk sound like Sublime/311 http://www.stafaband.co/mp3/download/soundtrack_moto_racer_2.html This is a bit more popular but I also recommend the soundtrack to Interstate '76. Instrumental Funk http://interstate76.wikia.com/wiki/Soundtrack
  12. throttledan


    I don't know who the killer is, but anybody else see a resemblance to this old sadistic gentleman? Makes you wonder....
  13. throttledan

    Accursed Farms Games Giveaway Screenshot Contest

    Here are my other 2 submissions: Stop lying (The Stanley Parable) HBBRBBRBRBRBRBRBRBRRR (GTA: SA)
  14. throttledan

    Accursed Farms Games Giveaway Screenshot Contest

    Here is #1 from me, a trip down memory lane... A cop car protecting a donut stand in Interstate '76
  15. throttledan

    What's your favorite quote/poem/lyric?

    Anybody remember the game Interstate '76? Looking out the window of your room onto a wet rainy day Main street under a slate gray afternoon sky The light on your face is soft and dim under the lace curtain And the streets are empty In the distance, there is a flash and a rumble Clouds sail the sky like giant wooden ships On a blackened evergreen sea Capped with foam

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