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  1. An game almost impossible to beat, traps everywhere and hazards around every corner. It may sound like a stupid kids game by an 12-year old. But thats becouse it is. James Rolfe (AVGN, Board James etc.) and his friends made this game when they were kids, and none has beaten the original version to date. Heres the review of the game. This is the computer variation of it, made by Lord Gavin (Propably not the one over here). I played it, and didnt win. If you did, we demand proof!
  2. How do you shoot the Pigeons and do you only get about 20 seconds before the game is over I do click on the mouse to shoot but nothing seems to happen
  3. Gamers are generally more intelligent than the average person, I actually feel insulted at how bad and obvious most April Fools jokes coming out of gaming websites are.
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