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  1. Yikes, dude. Get better!
  2. Hey, does anyone else here listen to Be Your Own Pet? Some highlights include Adventure, Becky, Creepy Crawl, October First Account, and Take That Walk.
  3. I think so, yeah. Also, I love this for foreshadowing reasons because Gordon is a cult leader, inadvertently.
  4. This is just a really bad idea. Fortunately, I trust Ross not to do it. I'd be very surprised if he had a lapse in judgment this bad.
  5. The Cinematic Mod is terrible, though. I'm all for Ross taking steps to make the show prettier, but the Cinematic Mod is just unimaginably bad. It'd be worse than switching to Black Mesa would have been, and that would have been the wrong choice by a long shot.
  6. Neah, they announced that it's definitely coming this summer.
  7. ...huh, you know what really seems like a Game Dungeony game? JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain. I swear. For real. That shit was my childhood. It's a legitimately atmospheric and memorable game.
  8. I wonder if this inspired the stunt Adult Swim pulled today with the Rick And Morty premiere. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet but everyone seems to be saying it's legit.
  10. Admittedly, we've recently fallen behind Moore's law, but if Moore's law did hold true, then that would suggest that in ~30 years, our top supercomputer will be able to run a human brain in real time. The fact that human brains are notoriously inefficient with their massive processing power isn't really an argument in your favor. This simply indicates that we don't need a computer nearly as computationally powerful as a human brain to have an AI more intelligent than a human.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AlphaGo_versus_Lee_Sedol This was supposed to happen, like, ten years from now. In some sense it's no more like a human than the computer that beat Kasparov at chess twenty years ago, but it's not just the old game-beating algorithms with more processing power; the algorithms themselves are better. Until recently, a lot of AI skeptics were saying "beat top humans at Go and then I'll be impressed". It comes from the same team that does DeepDream, which has mostly just been treated as a funny novelty that puts out weird acid-trip pictures, but is also a huge leap forward in terms of AI, and has only been improving in the months since it was first announced. Guys, I know that remaking non-dog images out of dogs isn't exactly high art, but it's also the kind of thing that was flatly impossible for computers to do until recently. DeepDream isn't a lost Photoshop filter, it's a major step towards human-like creative thought. The starving artists are going to be starving harder when they're also replaced by computers. Do I think that AIs are going to become self-aware soon? Probably not, depending on how you define soon. But I do think that they're going to become more intelligent than most people anticipate, and as a direct consequence, more people's lives will be threatened than you assume here. What happens to the wealthiest businesspeople when the best computers can run large corporations more efficiently than they can? What happens to our economy in that case? What happens to our culture when popular media is literally designed by algorithms that optimize products like films and books to succeed? What will be the first nation where the human government decides to act simply as troubleshooters for a governing machine? All of this could cause disaster very gradually, but a disaster could happen suddenly, too - not if a powerful AI attains self awareness, but rather if a powerful AI metaphorically forgets that it dropped a grenade and then stands in place.
  12. As TSA proponents are very attached to the idea of the United States not being run over by violent insurgents.
  13. Not a red herring at all. You seem very attached to security theatre.
  14. Collective punishment is barbaric and more befitting ISIS than a corporation that intends to make a profit selling a product to consumers. If people care about accessing content, pirates will find a way to break its DRM. The side that wins the DRM/piracy pseudowar is consistently piracy.
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