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  1. Huh. A little ways into Ross's explanation of the backstory, I found myself thinking of Cave Johnson. I swear I could hear GLaDOS humming from somewhere below the track, too.
  2. Deus Ex is probably one of my favourite games of all times, so any comments I make will probably be at least a little bit tinged by fan-boyism. But as far as non-lethal and pacifist styles go, I played it the way I think I would have done in real life. That is, if I'm in law enforcement and go in to take down terrorists, I'm not there to kill them. I'm there to neutralize, apprehend and investigate. If I go rouge for the reasons laid out in Deus Ex, I would refuse to kill or seriously injure my former colleagues. On the other hand, when people like Majestic 12 show their faces AND kill my brother, all bets are off. I would not desire to kill them, I would avoid it if I could. But since they force me into a position where A) it is morally impossible for me to let them continue their operations and B) I'm at such a disadvantage that I can't deal with them in a civilized manner I would use lethal force against them. The prime defining aspect of the awesomeness of Deus Ex, for me, is that it immersed me so much that I wanted to stick to these principles.
  3. Kinda wish people would just say outright that they don't want to hang out with you, instead of running this hollow say-the-right-phrases-racket... and then get offended when you call them out on it. Seems to me that it either means they don't know what a mirror is, or they're implicitly insulting my intelligence and I don't which one annoys me more.
  4. It might just be a matter of semantics and choice of words, but to me this attitude has always sounded kind of strange. For one, choice and situations playing out differently is part of the soul of games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. For another, of course they're glorified story books! But you make that sound like it's a bad thing, which I don't understand. Or rather, I would like to call the ones I've played a novel take on story books and story telling, introducing a new level of investment in the narrative. Take something like The Path. While a skilled author can certainly evoke a similarly haunting atmosphere (The fall of the house of Usher comes to mind), the simple fact that it's my choice to lead the sisters, one after the other, off the path and into the forest lends it an extra quality that I love. Inviting you to simply stop and enjoy, as well as the promise of a real reward for emotional investment. Now that's what selling me on these games.
  5. So I walked into this thread not even quite knowing what the words meant, so I googled and found this article: http://www.pcmag.com/slideshow/story/317795/the-top-10-interactive-games-for-story-lovers In essence, they put Telltale Games' The Walking Dead as an example, so I went "Boom, yes, done, sold, I'm a life long fan of this genre". I think I'd like to put Tale of Tale's game The Path in this same category, which is another game that I love. To me, these games represent a true evolution of the concept of literature. The way Telltale Games, for example, utilizes the game mechanic of time limits on your replies in dialogues along with long stretches of game time between save checkpoints in order to force you to play according to your gut instinct is an amazing artistic possibility. Add in the superb quality of the writing in several of these games and, well, like I said - I'm a fan. I'll actually try taking the time to check out a few of the titles mentioned here!
  6. Most of all I think I want to say "Nice catch, Ross!". Quite enjoyable, it feels like there's potential for a lot more fun stuff and I think you could have a loads of fun with various guests in this format. Here's to hopin' for more!
  7. You guys have been amazingly helpful when my sketchy memory has failed me before, so I was thinking maybe someone here could help me out again? Years ago I saw a hilarious video with a guy doing a stand-up routine while playing guitar. The theme was that every single melody he ever got to play ended up in the same bloody thing. One of the key punchlines was "The violas got beautiful melodies, which just shouldn't happen". I think it may have been recorded at some sort of ceremony, like a graduation or something. The guy did seem like he could be a college graduate, but I'm not sure at all. Is this enough to jog the memory of anyone here?
  8. I'd revert back to the #1 rule and don't panic. If you suddenly found yourself compulsively believing that snow is, in fact, cereal frosting?
  9. I think I may be partially on Enguzrad's side in the last exchange - maybe this is one way to phrase it: I would say that what we refer to as meaning in this context is contingent upon there being one or more mind/s. A rock lying on the ground, by itself, holds no meaning. However, to a bug it might make for a cozy hiding spot. To a hiker it might make for something fun to kick, or a memento that for the rest of her life will always remind her of the most amazing trip she ever took. The meaning of the rock is not an attribute of the rock itself, it is something ascribed to it by a creature with some sort of rudimentary faculties for experience, feeling and possibly even thought. Thus the meaning does, in a very real sense, cease to exist once the mind that gave rise to it ceases. And for my part I am still quietly waiting for any grand religious claim to know of some sort of "universal meaning" to meet its rather staggering burden of proof.
  10. ...gnomes... they're everywhere... holding their little fishing rods... no escape... If you could live out your deepest, darkest desire involving a bulldozer, what would it be?
  11. I didn't know you had hired me... (I'm in that exact position) Oh dear heavens, it's international. Well, but of course it is. Why wouldn't it be? Are you actually forbidden to work, or have they devised something more creative in order to be grade A douchebags?
  12. Man, a good instrument in your hands, that goes beyond words. Excuse a guitarists (who don't have English as first language!) but when you said hollowbody bass I first thought about one of the big ones, like in a symphonic orchestra - is that what you're talking about? I remember the very first time I got my hands on my ESP flying V. Looks and black glistening finish aside, it was love from first power chord. Fuck, I'm so frustrated with a lot of people today. They seem hell bent on manufacturing problems out of thin air for no reason whatsoever. Today I hired a guy, highly skilled and motivated, who for lots of insanely stupid bureaucratic reasons haven't found a job in more than a year. And I know there are hundred others like him just strewn out across the landscape, wasting their lives and draining tax payer's money. Not by their choice but because of rules and governmental incompetence. In other words, for NO GOOD REASON WHAT SO FUCKING EVER! Sorry, this whole thing just... gah.
  13. Make a hobby out of downing a cocktail of various contagions in front of people and then go "See, completely safe". ...if you found a gnome wearing a red hat and nothing else in your bedroom closet?
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