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  1. That Bullsquid looks sick. Wonder what new noises they made for it.
  2. "Doctuh Freemanh, it is a pleashuh to meet you!" I was thinking more Judge Dredd, personally.
  3. There is a Sven Co-op 2 in development, but not much has been done on it, I think.
  4. Huh...guess I'm just new to the concept of pushing hard drives in like a keycard, then, or something. I suppose civilian use is more recent, then?
  5. Yeah, it's why I thought that these must have been some hella obscure games because attempting to search for "War of the Elements" turned up with some WOW TCG. "Blasturon" turned up nothing on YouTube. Abandonware's not a bad idea, though.
  6. Yeah, other projects such as Operation Black Mesa may not be willing and/or able to collaborate like that.
  7. Killing Floor is fun on custom maps. Anyone here seen that one that's a remake of the first level of Doom II?
  8. Serious answer: I predict that, despite the pace, given where Ross/Freeman is, it'll probably be done by March of next year, at the latest, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. Not-serious answer: Who knows? Ross works on other stuff, so he'll probably spend time throwing curveballs to HL1 fans who expect him to finish the game in a fairly normal way.
  9. Still wish I could find that War Of The Elements disk...I actually liked that game.
  10. Yeah, I guess the aim was to increase awareness or something, since these were games you probably couldn't even find in a store. If only Maximum PC had an archive of them...
  11. If you own a Gateway FX model, you may know about this: My particular model has an interesting feature: there's a compartment for you to slot in extra hard drives. The way this works is that you put the hard drives on these plastic carrier-things, and then you push them into slots. Basically, it allows you to put in extra hard drives without having to open up the case, which is neat, but it seems like something that could have been invented years ago.
  12. One day, several years ago, I browsed through the drawers of a desk on which a humble (and kinda crappy) Shuttle computer once rested. I found a disk case full of CDs, all of which were for computer games once distributed by Maximum PC (a magazine about PCs, obviously) in 2002 or so (all of these disks said "Copyright 2002" on them). Most or all of these were titles published by Fogware Publishing, and all of them ran on Win98 and ME and some ran on XP and 2000. I was bored one Summer and decided to try some of them. My opinion on them ranged from "meh" to "good." Cut to today, and I tried searching on the web about these games. No luck at all. So I'm gonna namedrop some of the titles and see if anyone knows about this peculiar collection: -War of the Elements (kind of an RPG-ish game, where everyone is in giant robots and everything looks like it was lifted from an 80's-90's mecha anime. I liked this the most back then because it had some sort of story and had more substance compared to the other games. Sadly, unlike the other titles here, I lost the disk for it). -Fur Puppies (platformer about, you guessed it, puppies). -DownStone. -Hong Kong Mahjong (a Mahjong game where there's gambling involved. Is that an actual way to play it?). -Star Miner (2D top-down maze shooter). -Trax-The Robot Wars. -Blasturon. -Winthorp's Mansion. -Rolling Marbles (sounds like a Marble Madness rip-off). I apologize for the size of this post.
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