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  1. That song, it made me break out in a grin, and it made another friend of mine get all moist, or something XD Genius, Ross. Genius. Looking forward to what's next. Never been happier to subscribe to a youtube name called ChilledSanity.
  2. *stares into youtube subscriptions page for Machinima* AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Unsubbed. So long, Machinima.com. I hardly knew ye. But in all seriousness, I hope things go well with finding a new network to post from, Ross.
  3. ...*phew*......THAT. Was a close one, i'd say.
  4. EXCELLENT WORK AS USUAL, ROSS!!!! Favorite parts were the bridge....and....the rocket launcher. This part with the rocket launcher. I will never forget this episode. Ever.
  5. Forgive this necro-post, but....it's been several days since there was an update to the progress bar. I hope something else screwy isn't going on.
  6. DAMNIT YOU BEAT ME TO IT XD I was gonna use that quote from episode 1
  7. Nah, nothing becomes shittier than when it gets rushed. It's good in old fashioned Half-Life Source. I agree wholeheartedly with everyone else here. Tho, it would've been interesting, I must admit.
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