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  1. Well, thanks a lot, Ross. It has been a great ride over these, wow, 7-8 years? Hope you keep on doing other great things.
  2. Dear Ross, in my opinion, you shouldn't worry so much about finishing FM this year. I mean, do any of us really want it to end so quickly?
  3. I'm really sorry that I can't donate anything but I just want to say that I'm really glad to see this happening. It really seems like the good karma has caught up with Ross after all those trials of hardship I've read about during the years. Best of luck to you, man!
  4. Those running gags get old really quickly and they make the episodes look a bit trite. I think it's good that Ross avoids that (if that's what he does).
  5. Heh, good night, Ross I think this may be my favorite series you've done.
  6. You are a good man. Good luck with that! Will be waiting for the results, I also share the Ross' obsession of game maps.
  7. Why do you want to make them shorter? This series is very amusing to watch!
  8. I think it's all in the sauce and spices you use.
  9. Absolutely. People seem to be forgetting this: Barney and Gordon have been friends since Black Mesa. Both would race into Dr. Kleiner's office via the air ducts when he would lock himself out. Can't quite remember when this is actually mentioned in the game, so I took the quote from Half-Life wiki.
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