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  1. I've only seen one example of 3D that really made it seem like a step forward in immersive entertainment and that was the VOX Machinae demo for the Oculus Rift I managed to play at a local "gamer" cafe. That thing sucked you right in and held you in from the moment you put on the headset. It is AMAZINGLY well done.
  2. If you were to compile all of the episodes together it would be way too large to download and would use too much bandwidth to stream. It would need to be released on physical media
  3. Well, it is was still 2014 when this went up so this counts as finishing before the end of the year. Good job and that post-credits scene was easily the best of the series. I look forward to seeing what happens now (Hopefully Freeman's Mind 2!) And happy new year for everyone still stuck in 2014!
  4. Holy crap here we go... Hopefully everything can be done by December 31
  5. The big question is has the effort of this video cost you the deadline of finishing HL1 on released video by Jan 1 2015? Only time will tell...
  6. I didn't think that it was even possible to maintain the quality while getting the episodes out so quickly!
  7. Holy shit these are flying out the door! I already made a $20 bet via donation and now I am starting to think that I may actually NOT be getting $40 back... Ah well. It was still worth it.
  8. I would so buy that. It would have to be a few DVD's (Currently the series clocks in at around 8 hours so you would need at least a 4 DVD set and possibly 5 or even 6 by the time this thing is done) but it would be so worth it (As long as they do not charge the Australia tax)
  9. Hopefully this time you have actually gotten the game dungeon bug out of your system so I can give you $20 at the start of next year
  10. Yay! A new Episode! This is a good transition to Xen and I look forward to seeing how Freeman reacts when he discovers that it is quite obviously not Massachusetts (Why is that such a hard name to spell?)
  11. It looks like you didn't read the previous comments. Either you bet a minimum of $20 against me that I won't make it, or you stop with further comments like this or else you'll get a ban. You have to put your money where your mouth is, essentially. You sound pretty confident I won't make it, so why not make some money off it? Alright, you're on. If you make it through HL1 in FM by 12:00 AM January 1 2015 GMT+8 then I'll donate AU$20 through the fundraiser page or any other method you care to name except physical means. If you don't then I will PM you my paypal address so you can put the $20 in, you are also welcome to use any other methods you like, just let me know beforehand so I can get the details ready
  12. So at this point I am guessing that we can write off the promise you made in the fundraiser to get through Half-Life in Freeman's Mind before January 1 2015 because at the current pace that deadline is NOT going to be made. It's a shame that all of the people who gave a crapton of money to see that happen are going to be so let down by it not happening
  13. I know this is probably an April Fools gag but all joking aside I would like to see a Freeman's Mind style commentary of Deus Ex Human Revolution (It would probably make your computer implode while trying to record it though... THIS calls for another fundraiser!)
  14. Nicely done movie... I am guessing that the 'month of freeman' is still going ahead right?
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