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  1. I'm going to walk into Red Lobster and ask for cooked headcrab... Then when they look at me like i'm stupid i'm going to yell "EVERYONES CRAZY BUT ME!!" flip the table over, and rush out of there before i'm arrested! Oh, and I think headcrab would probably taste like worms...
  2. I don't mike will kill the crazy guy. It doesn't seem like Ross or Mike's style. I think Mike killing someone would change his character too much. And it's kind of the same for Dave getting crazier, it's seems like a hard thing to resolve after the episode (the whole episode seems hard to resolve). Yeah I thought that too... But what if Mike and the crazy guy struggle for a while, then Dave comes back to his senses and pushes the guy off of Mike and into the tunnels, closing the heavy metal door behind him, trapping the crazy guy in with the monsters. They exit the tunnel as they hear his screams, and find the same car that hit Dave earlier parked outside of the hole in the wall. Dave hops in the car and says "Finders keepers!" and they drive off. Just a thought...
  3. The vortigaunt is going to be the least of his worries after he sees the strider.
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