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  1. So, I know that wouldn't work, but I spammed "FIX ROSS SCOTT'S CONTRACT NOW, OR EAT SHIT, MACHINIMA!!" for the lols.
  2. *When a Stalker yells at him* Gordon: Shut the hell up! You could dip SpongeBob in sulphuric acid and he would scream less than you!
  3. Alyx: A Combine Zombie? It... it's like a... Zombine, right? Gordon: Heh heh... *quiet voice* I would have slapped her by now if she wasn't hot like she is...
  4. *Healing scene in Episode 2* Wait... what are they saying? This reminds me of those times on Dora The Explorer when they chant "Swiper no swiping!" constantly... so... DEATH, NO KILLING. DEATH, NO KILLING. *After the Healing scene* Whoa, that stuff sent me on some trip. Maybe I was wrong insulting these aliens. If they give me free drugs, I am always cool with them.
  5. *When seeing the rollermines on the highway* Gordon: Hey look, it is more D0g balls... heh... balls... hey wait a second, what is it... GAHH!! I WAS GOING TO LIKE YOU BUT YOU BETRAYED ME!! GET IN THE OCEAN!! YOU LOST YOUR LAND PRIVALAGES!! *After getting up from the Metropolice beatdown* Gordon: If you are going to talk that close to my face, atleast use some toothpaste first. Your breath reminds me of the radioactive waste that was all over Black Mesa.
  6. My favorite character is Dr. Kleiner and my favorite enemy is the Gonarch. I hate Alien Controllers and Manhacks though, because they are annoying and hard to hit. Post who you like or don't like in the Half-Life series here.
  7. (In the rotating teleport thing at the lambda complex) What is this thing? Is this Chuck Norris's merry go round? Why the hell do we need this?!? (Upon entering Gonarch's Lair) Woah! Giant enemy crab! Attack it's weakpoint for massive damage! (Upon entering Nihilanth's Dome) ...I am so glad this suit can handle waste, because I could piss myself at any moment now...
  8. Maybe he is going to make some episodes in other mods. That was what I thought, other than maybe the story in some episodes being completely different.
  9. I always imagined after killing the first Antlion Guard in Nova Prospect and having all the Antlions come back to you Ross saying "Yeah. Always trust the guy with guns."
  10. Episode 44 when he was looking at the cheaply made bridge on the cliff. "That is the bridge to the other side? You might as well put up a sign that says DIE."
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