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  1. I really like Civil Protection, I hope he gets back to it one day.
  2. I thought that Nihilanth had some lines in the game, I mean there are quotes from him/she/it.
  3. Hello. I'm sorry if this is not the place to post this, but I couldn't find the right place. I was thinking... When Freeman's Mind was released under Machinima, at the start of every video there was a Machinima intro. Now that Ross is uploading his videos with his channel, do you think it would be good to put a Gorilla Gong intro? Again, I'm really sorry if this is the wrong place. And sorry my bad english, I hope you understand what I mean. Thanks for reading.
  4. In my head I keep thinking that Machinima will try to kill Ross. He is Machinima's biggest enemy. Lock your door, Ross, we want more Freeman's Mind videos comming. We will protect you with our keyboards and cups of coffee.
  5. Hi. I bring to you the DOOM soundtrack. It's time to kick a pinky in the head. 0gEkNVq1ct0
  6. Hi. I love Quake 2 soundtrack. Sorry if someone posted it, but I didn't find nothing. The credits go for Sonic Mayhem and for the YouTube user "popsQ2" who uploaded the soundtrack. When I listen to that soundtrack, I feel that I can't be stopped.
  7. Really nice episode. I really liked it. Thanks, Ross.
  8. Linyera


    Don't blame yourself. It was Machinima, they are waterbenders.
  9. Fuck Machinima zq9_h6LcQdk
  10. Everything you write here, isn't going to be in the videos. Don't write good reactions.
  11. It will be a video full of colors and flashes, Ross is going to kill us all.
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