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  1. What I was interested in was, how's the DotA2 announcer pack thing going? I mean that could earn a lot of money fast, I think!
  2. Since I'm leaving for Lithuania soon, I guess this is as good of a time as any to wish you all a merry and jolly New year's eve and a joyful New year!
  3. I know this Is a bit late, but I found out that Tyrian is also on android! It's called open tyrian and it was ported by some guy named Gerhard...I think who has ported some other old PC games to android so if anyone is interested in that go check it out on the Play store. P.S. This is technically an advertisement but I'm willing to sacrifice my dignity for the Higher good!
  4. I'm happy you liked it. I cannot speak for Ross about releasing FM episodes. I can only say I won't post mine on the same day as his . I'll keep some reasonable distance between our episodes. No way we'd be scheduling for beginning and end of a week though. I'm sorry but it won't work and you should know it by now I'm aiming for at least one "Magda Conquers" before the end of the year. The closer to Christmas, the more busy busy ^_^ Well I'm not saying you have to post one opposite ends of the week, but I'd be glad if you made like a 2 or 3 day distance. I think I might search for a Christmas mod for Half life just to get in the mood for Christmas. P.S. I might be going to Poland before Christmas to do some shopping so I'll give a shout if I'm going trough Gdansk!
  5. Well... I actually like it! At first I had my doubts do to episode 1, bet then again there isn't much to talk about in the very beginning of the game. So now I'm glad I was honor bound to watch the episodes, now I must thank both Ross and Magda. P.S. Could you guys release videos on opposite ends of the week...please?
  6. Magda how long does it approximately take to make an episode?
  7. Hey Ross now that your in Poland maybe set the Location to Poland so people who happen to not read this post know where you are. Also now since your in Europe does that mean I can send you stuff? Don't ask what I mean by stuff as I haven't figured that part out yet.
  8. RARRRRRGHHH! Why couldn't you say that your in Poland earlier!?!? Well anyway I'm still very glad to hear of your real location as I finally get to say: Howdy neighbor! I'm going to Poland this Christmas so if I happen to go to Gdansk(sorry for wrong spelling) I'll give a shout(a lot of shouting)! Although I'd be very glad if you were to travel to the Baltic I'm afraid you'd wind up spending most of your money rather rapidly. P.S. I will check out Magda's videos as soon as I'm done with a load of reports. Also my apologies for clustered text, hard to concentrate.
  9. Oh well we all have different tastes no biggy. Could you try out the PC version of "Little Fighter 2" then it's got nothing related to turn's or thinking even, problem is it's a old game best played with friends or max AI at least. The game takes up almost nothing and has no real story get to stage 5, beat boss, be happy. You can quite easily add unplayable champs by modifying data .txt file and adding specific text at specific points. I LIKE TALKING! P.S. I think it was on the Sega Saturn originally P.P.S. I just edited this post 5 times trying to get the quote system right...and still failed
  10. I'm very glad your making these Ross as they contrast insanely with most of the other videos I watch and they still keep me interested as well as making me actually think, so I guess that means that this is a highly intellectual show so keep on making em! BTW I'm a bit pissed at you as well as this game is insanely hard(I know you said it) especially for a strategy game fan like me. The whole twitch reflex thing I've gained from shooters is pretty useless here P.S. Would you please try out "Battle for Wesnoth" or at least watch the trailer? It's not a mainstream game not a lot of people know about it but does have reviews a let's play and some other stuff it's not that popular(most views for non trailer videos are somewhere around 10k at most). It's got story!
  11. Well I guess I'll go ahead and ask for you to review some older and not so old(probably not so good as well) games that I liked. Mainly all strategy ones "The Battle for Wesnoth" is a great turn based strategy game from 2003 with an insanely long and depending on the story you pick insanely difficult game, it's also freeware since 2007 if I'm not mistaken. "Heroes of Might&Magic3" is probably a very heard of game but still gonna ask for that one. I dug around the strategy section of Steam and found this great strategy-simulation game called "FTL"(Faster Than Light) which is about space and stuff, it has great re playability to it! And also my favorite 2D beat em up. A old game if I'm not mistaken originally on the Sega Saturn I think, it's called "little Fighter 2" a really fun CO-OP game. The co-op part is very important as 8 people could play it on the PC version if you had enough keyboards and controllers. Now that my urge to point out things that no one cares about has been satiated I can say:"Great episode Ross I gladly await the next one I'll try out "Tyrian" soon enough and keep it up!".
  12. But wasn't the whole reason of the FG42 being developed because it was tailored specifically for paratroopers? I'm not sure of this but I think the StG44(I do agree it could have helped the Nazis greatly if it were developed earlier) wouldn't work for paras because it was made from a different material than the FG42. The whole weapon problem and reason for the FG42 being made was that Nazi paras landed only armed with a pistol and had their standard Kr98 and other equipment dropped separately in a large box, because landing with the Kr98 would break their legs. Btw the real reason I like the FG42 is because of the way it looks.
  13. Man I wish they still manufactured the FG42(a modified version of course) ,which besides being made of a rare metal got neglected just because Hitler was too dumb to try using paratroopers with good equipment basin on their field performance poorly armed or practically unarmed Do you any guns similar to the FG42?Do you think the FG42 was a good gun for that time? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FG_42 here's a link for the weapons wiki page. And also sorry for the clustered and poorly organized writing, had a shitty day.
  14. If you're talking about comparing a rifle to a handgun, I would never compare them since they are designed for entirely different uses. The bullet shapes are different, the velocities are different, the projectile weight is different... Just too many differences to be able to compare. Using a handgun for hunting is possible, but it's only really useful if you're planning on getting within about 60 feet of your target. Rifles are designed to kill at longer distances, from as little as 20 feet to as far as 3600 feet... Really, it depends on what you want to hunt. Firstly yeah It probably was a pretty silly idea to try to compare a handgun to a rifle that's why I put the whole if you actually would in the brackets. Second I'm mainly hunting game occasionally rabbits and very rarely boars more dependent on the part of my country where the forest's(got a whole bunch of em(that is comparing to the size of the country)) located. Also I guess I should just buy a rifle I'm just cheap I don't want to waste much money on a hobby.also getting a permit is a real pain in the ass in my country(a lot of nut jobs here). Thanks for the advice though. P.S. Sorry for replying only now.
  15. Well thanks Ross! I watched two videos that were approved by you(yeah I know that I shouldn't be filtering videos like that) and I really liked them so now I have another mini YouTube in which to waste valuable hours of my life. P.S. I don't mean that as a bad thing.And also I apologize about poorly describing the videos I'm at a low creativity period .
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