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  1. Edit 2: And now I found it - under "Account Settings - Signature", which I assumed was only for setting up my OWN signature, there's a slider for showing other people's signatures.
  2. I'm looking for forum settings like I'm used to seeing in other forums, things like posts per page, skin options, and in particular the setting for "Don't Show Signatures in threads". I see that there are limits in place for signatures and I read that you can ignore a user's signature, but I prefer to turn them off entirely. Ah! I just noticed that when you click the "x" to ignore a user's signature, there's an option to "Hide All Signatures". I thought it was strange that the "x" mouseover text read "Ignore Signature Preferences", but I haven't been able to FIND said "Signature Preferences".
  3. I believe the links on the Extras page should be sorted newest first, and the Videos page is reporting that I do not have permission to view the page. Also, I don't have that Profile Photo button on my profile. I can add a "Cover Photo", but that isn't an avatar.
  4. Oh boy! HERE WE GO! (It did not require me to reset my password.)
  5. I almost didn't read this post, since I typically ignore the Videochats, but this part, in my mind, had one of those DUN DUN DUN shots where it zoomed in progressively closer on the words Freeman's Mind.
  6. The opportunity to stare at your avatar for a few mesmerizing moments is all the reward I need.
  7. If anyone is here because they immediately went to Steam and searched for "The Crew" only to find that it's still $30, you must not have scrolled down to see the first review, which provides a link to the Ubisoft Club page where The Crew is being offered for free until Oct 11th: https://club.ubisoft.com/en-US/ubi30 (There will be a new free game each month until December.) I'm not certain, but I think the free copy may only be available for Uplay rather than Steam.
  8. Telltale may technically fit the definition, but I'd say they're hardly an indie developer at this point. It may be a confluence of Mac not being a popular gaming platform and Puzzle Agent not being a particularly high-profile title. I have to admit though, this comment from a Telltale dev two years ago is surprisingly terse:
  9. Cryptozoology is for creatures whose existence has not been proven. ;-p
  10. I got a good chuckle out of "Fort Bob Ross" and "JC Denton Interrogating a Lamp". Then "Snake Extracting a Bear" and "Rogues Threatening a Horse" were great, too. Plus, it seemed noteworthy how many eye-injury-related submissions there were. There was Surgeon Simulator Scalpel Eyes, Taped-On-Eye Demoman, Dead-Eyes Clementine, Female Resistance Fighter Shot In Eye and Scientist with Dart in Eye. (And I consider "You eyeballing me?" a bonus.) Then there's the category of "Giant\Missing Heads".
  11. The three images at the top of the post show up fine for me. A 403 Forbidden error is interesting. Did you do something to tick off Google?Are you at least able to view the Google Docs\Drive links for the Master List of Winners or the Gold\Silver\Bronze Tier winning photo galleries?
  12. The Winners have been announced! Claim your game!
  13. Woohoo! So many great entries. There are some gems in every tier! I certainly don't blame you for shifting the rules a bit given the sheer volume of entries received and games donated. I've got my fingers crossed that the game I want is available when it's my turn in line.
  14. I just counted and we're at just over 140 games by now.I was thinking it was strange that the front-page post got updated as new games were added but the forum post kept the original list.
  15. So now I'm curious. So many games have been made available - is there going to be a specific number of winners, or will there be as many winners as there are games in the list?
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