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  1. I would be more than happy to vote this up.
  2. Then spark a conversation... or go outside.
  3. He wasn't working on it the whole time. It's just another episode. The episode wasn't made as a grand return or anything.
  4. Same as here, Johro. Same as pretty much anywhere(except social media sites, those guys aren't me). I've been using this handle for over a decade.
  5. I got a Mydomainname unregistered thing earlier today, but it seems okay now. Odd. Perhaps someone went to the past and did something to either Ross or Machinima that made this site not exist and it's fading away Back to the Future style? Whoa. Heavy.
  6. I have a lot of patience knowing that it IS happening. Gears are turning, cylinders are firing.
  7. I think that's a good idea. I'm sure the people who are close enough to the site to use the downloads are understanding of the situation and your dependency on views. As for a time frame, I think it should depend on the frequency of new content. I wouldn't get too far behind and be posting the download for 46 while streaming 49, but I also wouldn't go too soon. Perhaps posting the previous video for download when posting the next video for streaming. If that becoming an unreasonable amount of time, maybe set a cap time of a month?
  8. That's awesome, Ross. I hope everyone there enjoys your work as much as we do. The more fans, the better.
  9. I felt this was THE moment to quit lurking. I'm ecstatic that the chapter has official closed. Now we wait on word for what's next.
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