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    I had stuff on the harddrive that I couldn't get off of it, and I did try turning it on periodically to see if it would work again
  2. mralexs


    It won't be that bad, you just have to dry it out. But next time, make sure you don't have anything like a yogurt smoothie next to your PC. I spilled one on my laptop and it wouldn't turn on for 5 years
  3. To me, C&C was killed after Renegade, which they made it be released in its Alpha stages. Every C&C game after that had tons of content removed because of EA's time constraints on the team developing them.
  4. I'm talking about Freespace, they just used the Descent brand name because there was a hard drive cleaner called Freespace, which was copyrighted
  5. Fire Emblem Awakening, Also on my 3rd playthough on Hard/Casual mode (I hate Permadeath )
  6. Hi, I'm Mralexs. I play some old school games (I.E Thief and Baldur's Gate). I tend to lurk a lot...
  7. Freespace is a space sim developed by Volition when they were with Interplay http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Descent:_FreeSpace_%E2%80%93_The_Great_War
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