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  1. Just finished Final Fantasy 15, It was quite a different experience compared to most other games in the franchise but do not regret the purchase. I can understand why people dislike it so much but I am not so critical when it comes to the series as I have been following it since I was a young'n.
  2. KuriBandito#1583 I play everything on battle.net so hit a niqqa up
  3. I'm real keen on getting it for Zelda: BoTW and Street fighter 2 when it gets released but I think I'm gonna wait it out a bit just to see if anything gets announced that peaks my interest.
  4. Uhhh.. Tekken 7, Rainbow Six Siege and GTA San Andreas because it was cheap and the game is lit. On a side note does anyone play R6S on ps4? Oh and is there a ps4 user thread or something related? Would like more peeps to jam with.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I don't know why I'm feeling so interested but thanks.
  6. Reading all these posts (nightmares or not) I am finding myself peeking an interest towards Lucid Dreaming, I myself have never tried it but if anyone has any tips or techniques to share that'd be appreciated.
  7. Going through the forum remembering how much I used to enjoy it in high school. *sigh*
  8. I dabble in a bit of both, I feel as though Dota2 has more content but I like LoL's user friendliness if that makes any sense whatsoever. Anyone playing on oceanic servers?
  9. Playing starbound whilst watching One Piece.
  10. I'd approve of that if the corn it's made of was organic . Quite the liver load though. Here's a pic from this weekend. As you can see by the hair, it had been a long day. Awesome hairdo BTG, have you drunk this? Surely if he had he wouldn't on the forums right now aha.
  11. Get Scared - Don't Forget The Sun.
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