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  1. Well you actually didn't say that, but it was the thing you're not doing that I had a problem with, so it doesn't really matter if you care or not.
  2. Well you can kind of see how you gave the impression that "what you like to do" included the scam that is NFTs, until you said you didn't even know much about them. I'm not shitting on you just for making 3D models. If that's all it is, I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions.
  3. Thankfully Ross is not economically braindead (and I suspect having his assets previously stolen for NFT shit does not make him more sympathetic to the idea), so no, I don't think advertising your crypto scam will be very lucrative here.
  4. I admit it's been a good half a decade since I started up the game, but I know starting with Water Hazard there have been map edits in these videos. I'm pretty sure *some* of the alleys in Ravenholm include such edits.
  5. Siofra River in Elden Ring really managed to "wow" me, it was the point I realized both A. how insanely much content they crammed into the game, and B. how far it was willing to depart from Dark Souls thematically. A lot of people hate the Meat Circus from Psychonauts for its difficulty, but I think the music and theme of the level being a big gross weird circus made out of nightmares is the perfect final level setting for such a unique game. I honestly felt kind of disappointed that Psychonauts 2's climax didn't manage to hit the same high. Fatherland Follies only really gets surreal or crazy for a few seconds. Sonic 06 fucking sucks, but the final part of Kingdom Valley would actually be genuinely breathtaking in a good game. I guess ChaosX's Remaster Project does okay?
  6. The intro both surprised me with a hilarious non-sequitur, and reminded me that I haven't had a pop-tart in like ten years. I wonder if they were actually good or if that was just my broken high-school brain reacting to the sugar.
  7. Glad to have an update. Sorry if the delays are bugging you, but I hope you know the we're happy to wait a while for new content if it means things go okay on your end. Don't wear yourself out for our benefit.
  8. I mean, other than good guys being the underdogs being a pretty good rule for storytelling, the usual answer is "because this is a dumb action story and we don't want to be too tied down to real events". Or you just make them not be around for those parts. Because otherwise, you end up with the much worse problem: writers trying to answer the question of "why didn't they stop the holocaust", and that's how you get Fantastic Beasts, a living joke of an intellectual property.
  9. Someone hasn't rewatched the TrackMania video recently.
  10. It costs more than a sandwich.
  11. If I had to guess, I'd say that they averaged out the scores people gave it out of ten, and it came out to around 8.3
  12. A community small, insular and self-governed enough to have that sort of protocol is pretty different from this forum. Nonetheless, if a paranoid schizophrenic is saying it because he has delusions of grandure and genuinely believes it, and a holocaust denier is saying it because he wants to encourage violence against jewish people, there's not actually a difference in how an internet community should treat them. The majority of people following this doctrine skipped past an actual conclusion. It functions off a lot of the same principles as cults -- charismatic (to them, not us) leaders that know everything they say is crap, and an audience that is so convinced of those leaders' viability or divinity that whether the things they say reason out are simply not a part of the argument. It's not their brain working wrong, they deliberately refuse to use it because their investment in great leader's end goal is more important. You can see smaller versions of this all over society (don't get me started on crypto scams), but I don't think someone who has been indoctrinated into a cult is succumbing to brainrot, either. The rub with fascists is that a greater number of them know that holocaust denial, race science and the like are bunk, but are just belligerent assholes who enjoy violence being done to people different from them. I just don't think crazy is the term for it. Also, be careful when talking about satanists. There's a big difference between the Satanic Temple and the Church of Satan for example, bigger than differences between christian sects a lot of the time. You're probably thinking of "irrational", but the main reason to ban them is still not because they're simply incorrect, but because the things they want and do are harmful. If someone has an irrational argument about whether One Piece or Naruto is better, that's probably okay. (One Piece is better, in case you were wondering) Uhh, "Woke Cancel Culture" aside, I think we can agree that an obscure forum for a video game youtube channel is probably not among the most vital connections a person could lose. Well, I've kind of accidentally locked the majority of my discussion here into complaining about how the forum handles the reactionary end of the political spectrum. It isn't unsalvageable, I just think allowing that rhetoric to spread in the first place is worse than a rule restricting hate speech more than the mere letter of the law. Even if we were really interested in growing the community, the demographic of fascists is necessarily a lot smaller than the demographic of people they seek to harm. I'd go for the latter, personally.
  13. Okay, I may need to break this down Are we implying that people asking the jewish question are simply insane, a threat that extends no further than mental institutions? Because I don't think that's true. When I look at Richard Spencer or David Duke or whoever, I don't see someone whose brain is wrong. Personality disorders, unhealthy coping mechanisms, a facade of belief to cover up deep existential emptiness? Sure, that's all there, but I also see that in much less-horrible people, that's just a consequence of living in the world a lot of the time. They are not traits unique to "crazy people", nor do I think most mental health professionals would characterize them as such. Evil cannot be rebranded so easily. An individual does not inherently create a community of creeps, but that's usually because they remain individual. Hate speech moderation isn't just to keep forums clean, but because a place that's safe for one creep is a place that's safe for many. The moment these types are allowed to congregate uncontested, they start bringing their friends, and they will try to enforce themselves on the rest of the community. This went down in a lot of comics and anime fandom spaces in the early 2010s, and is a big part of the toxicity in nerd fandoms to this day. This is generally incorrect. Pretty much all the data we have on deplatforming has shown it to be effective both in reducing harmful influence and in decreasing that attitude in users spreading it. Hell, back in high school I frequented some pretty nasty forums, a couple that promoted Unite the Right, and when those places got banned, I didn't exactly retain a lot of the opinions I absorbed from there. Also, saying "but they're a member of the community!" sounds like an argument against having rules at all, doesn't it? I could argue that someone spamming porn all over the forum is also a "member of the community", would it also be wrong to ban them? I mean, I'm far less offended by pornography than antisemitic conspiracy theories.
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