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  1. Not really my point. I'm no shill for reddit, it's just got more activity. I guess I'm just trying to figure out what the priority is here. If it's good discussion, then we've got some issues. If it's an active userbase, then leveraging part of that discussion might be worth it. I didn't even really mean me, per say. I kinda gave up on treating any back-and-forth like that as a real debate. I meant more along the lines of kraken and mira, posting good-faith rebuttals only to be completely ignored. It's not that they need more help from the userbase, I just think that there can be an actual baseline to what's not acceptable discourse outside of what is generally pretty lax legislation on hate speech. Like, capitalism is shitty, but I'm not trying to ban everyone who isn't an anarchist or a socialist (technically speaking, I am neither myself). But imagine someone shows up ranting about how (((they))) are secretly controlling the world, and with a little prodding, it turns out that this whole time, (((they))) meant jews! Gasp! We are all completely blown away by this stunning revelation. Wow. Jews. Really? Like an antisemite would say? Huh. Like, it goes pretty much the same way every time, so what's the middleman of prodding them even for? I guess it could be sarcastic, but it doesn't take much to clarify that if you get in hot water.
  2. Ultimately this is a forum for the work of one person, and I don't think it would see the kind of traffic more involved forums do even if Ross uploaded every single day. Dedicated forums only really manage to stay alive if there's a lot of stuff to talk about. The only regularly-active forums I post on are Sonic and Dragon Ball related, because those are both decades-old series full of obscure material and strange discoveries to be found related to their core subject material. Just last year we found a new prototype of Sonic 1. That's over thirty years old, and it had a ton of crap to explore that was totally different from the game everyone knows now. I've been tracking the creation of some incredibly in-depth Dragon Ball fan edits that remove sometimes literal days worth of filler from a given series. By contrast, the nature of this content is just that it's smaller. You'd have a better chance migrating most of the forum userbase to the subreddit, since that's more active. But then, you'd probably have to change the rules a little bit, since contrary to your opinion I think the mods are too lenient with the kind of political reactionaries I've seen, and I feel like opening a forum to see people arguing in vain with qultists threatening to commit terrorist attacks is more likely to drive most people away from the board rather than toward it, and I'm not sure the kind of person who is drawn to that is one I want to hang around with. But then, I also don't think the forum really needs to be "saved"? There's nothing at-large that really threatens the board itself, and inactivity isn't a problem in and of itself. Donations make Ross money, so higher traffic could be a potential factor, but it seems to me like he gets most of that from the videos since, y'know, that's the subject matter of the forum. It doesn't seem like maintaining the website itself is a huge issue, so I don't know what the actual issue is that there's not a lot of discussion on it. You'd have a better argument if Ross were in the kind of trouble that he needs to make an impression with his branding, which would make sense. We have the game dungeon and Freeman's Mind, but there's also a lot of projects in limbo and a lot of small experiments that make it hard to define a core identity for Accursed Farms. The only problem with this interpretation is I don't think Ross is all that worried about it? Like, sure, I doubt he wants to be confusing or anything, but it's always seemed like his biggest struggle as a creator is with getting things out quickly and consistently, not whether they fit a youtuber mold. So I guess I just made up a scenario where I proved myself wrong, just to validate a question nobody else but me was asking.
  3. I thought it has voice acting now.
  4. Who cares? Everyone is as good at games as they're going to be. If you're not competing, you don't really need to worry about skill. Play the way you want to. Also, no, being bad at games is not a sign of learning disability.
  5. What the fuck are you people doing in here
  6. Played through both NieR games. I think Automata is a more solidly-structured and paced product but I kind of struggled with the gameplay compared to Replicant, the enemies felt like bullet-sponges a lot of the time, and in both games the heavy swords are way too slow for any potential increase in damage. Still, a pretty interesting experience throughout both. Not many games manage to both be incredibly depressing and also first-class waifu generators at the same time. They usually just switch between one or the other.
  7. Yet another boogeyman for which the arbiter is your own personal convenience. But every single comedian on the planet will claim that it's "just for the sake of comedy" whether that's a lie or not. Well, the fact that the movie isn't fascist propaganda is a start. You may notice I'm not arguing against humor that isn't racist. Kind of a rookie mistake, really.
  8. Well wait, I thought it was supposed to be losing popularity, and that's why anti-racism was a threat to it? And if it is a threat, doesn't that mean that because it's becoming more popular, non-racist comedy is just better anyway? Well, says who? Seems to me like either the motive is the same or it doesn't matter. I believe we've already discussed how "they don't mean it" isn't a real defense.
  9. Well I mean, this was mostly a conversation about diet, and very dumb pseudoscience about the chemical makeup of soy products mostly made up to slander vegans. I guess it's a good sign about places I worked that I never really heard the kind of talk you mean from other people? I did have a coworker's psycho ex come in demanding I tell him where she was, which I thankfully neither did nor even knew. Depending on what he was doing that could have turned out far worse.
  10. I cannot think of anywhere I've worked where I even remotely wanted to talk about sex with anyone. I'm pretty sure the most intimate "biological" conversation I ever got was correcting a colleague that eating a lot of soy does not mean he needs to take testosterone supplements. And that was because he was upset about taking so much testosterone that he was losing his hair.
  11. I haven't denied that. It's just not a very good one. That's literally the only thing you've been arguing against this whole time. Do you think we're trying to usher in speech laws or something? There is no part of this conversation where my position has not been "racism bad", and you, by saying that people being less racist will somehow hurt comedy, are making an argument for "racism sometimes good". It wasn't a very strong argument for minstrel shows, either.
  12. Okay, so to be clear here: you are worried about people saying racism is bad because it makes you less likely to see things like this not-that-funny scene from a movie from 40 years ago?
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