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  1. Well no, that's what you're doing by defending racist comments with "well everyone is internally prejudiced". I'm literally saying the exact opposite. Uh, no? Why would I do that? But it's not about whether you mean it or not. Normalizing racist comments creates more racism. Whether a person is discriminatory "in their hearts" or whatever is immaterial. Let's look at an example. Racist "humor" blaming Chinese people for COVID, and the rise in anti-asian hate crimes in the US, have some commonalities. There's undeniably some overlap there. Exactly what is made better in this situation when the people making jokes say "we didn't mean it"? Fucking nothing, as far as I can see. I guess if you make up a strawman gestapo that goes around arresting people for being unfunny you have a problem, but someone else telling you you're a piece of shit for normalizing that racist culture is a problem you have to fix with yourself, the world isn't gonna wait up for you. Or hell, how about the absolutely enormous number of people that constantly use "it's a joke, you're just too offended" to justify any shitty thing they say? Exactly what distinguishes between which of them are acting in bad faith to push reactionary rhetoric, and which are genuinely just not aware how shitty a thing they're saying is?
  2. Seems awfully convenient for you to be the arbiter of that distinction. Again, why should the rest of the world be held back because people saying racism is bad hurt your feelings? You never answered me before, it's like you hit the reset button on your brain to avoid absorbing anything that's been said here. Why are you even in this thread if you're gonna do that? Again, easy to project that when you can't conceive of a world outside yours. Any definition of race outside the same innate response behind someone's hair color or the length of their toes or how their earlobes are attached is a human construct as a means to justify violence. You either are unable to recognize this or very much want to ignore it, which is why you falsely equate a 'white people' joke with centuries of genocide and oppression.
  3. I don't have enough racist friends to know the answer to that question. I'm sure you think that's not an option or something. As opposed to what? Attacking anything and everything you arbitrarily label as "PC" for not being racist enough? Oh, yeah, there's no way for that to be self-serving.
  4. You guys really just walk around absolutely fuming at the idea that anyone reacts to racism in a less-extreme way than you react to anti-racism, huh?
  5. Am I supposed to believe you're going to listen better this time than last time?
  6. I mean, there definitely is, but I'm sure if you keep saying that enough, it will magically become true. Keep at it, it won't look mantric at all.
  7. I disagree, actually. It seems more like they were saying racism more benevolent than ethnic cleansing was harmless, public or otherwise. Which is probably worse, but we should stay on the same page here.
  8. Well, last night we beat Dark Souls 2, so I've officially finished every Dark Souls game. Sure wish Bloodborne had a PC port. Guess I could look into emulating Demon's Souls, but eh...
  9. I spent nearly ten hours straight playing Dark Souls 2 with my friend Matt on sunday. I think I may be damaging other parts of my life
  10. Spongebob and One Piece are actually both good cartoons for very attractive and intelligent people, like me, who is the ultimate god emperor of the universe.
  11. I mean, really it shows a huge issue, which is that your best measurable example of "assured" survivability is something people internally associate with really awful living conditions and having many rights stripped away. That's not me blaming you, I think it's definitely by-design in many ways. Otherwise it would be a really weird coincidence that countries with better socioeconomic protections have more hospitable prisons.
  12. Was he the one that attacked people at a shopping mall with a sword?
  13. It turns out Hades is kind of a grindy game, and wears on me in a way that other rougelikes like Binding of Isaac didn't? It's way shorter, but I keep finding myself happy to die in this game, because the stuff happening in the House of Hades is way more interesting than the actual gameplay.
  14. I think the burden of proof is on you to prove that forcing the population to 'compete' creates any sort of responsibility at all, rather than absolving the people who have already relied on stealing the autonomy and work of others for centuries of any real labor. Otherwise, you're just lying about whatever beliefs you need to to get to your foregone conclusion of "must be their fault the world they live in sucks".
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