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  1. From what I've heard, he's had worse landlords.
  2. I would disagree, in that Death Note and Hunter X Hunter have pretty great first episodes, Code Geass is kind of stupid, and I haven't seen Monster.
  3. I dunno, I can't really name any great TV shows that didn't start on a good first episode, unless maybe something went really weird with production or else the first episode is just filler content, like with Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I guess I don't like the first episode of Bojack Horseman all that much, but that's definitely the exception to the rule, and it obviously didn't turn me off the show.
  4. Oh man, we're getting dated grammar lessons from the guy who couldn't do a 2-second google search, everyone. You better be fucking applauding already.
  5. I was forced by Ross Scott to marry my husband Bruce, even though neither of us are gay. We tried to at least have a Christian wedding, but all of the churches were closed down due to Christian persecution by Accursed Farms. We were forced to marry in a mosque instead, as required by the newly implemented Sharia Law. Since we couldn't have children of our own, we decided to adopt. However, no children were available since Ross's CDC required Planned Parenthood to perform mandatory abortions. At least we had the money and property we earned though. Or so we thought; our tax rate was increased to 118%, requiring us to take second and even third jobs to pay the IRS. It turns out that our tax money was being given to the Mexican pot dealer next door, since he complained about having to work. Disenfranchised and penniless, I decided to end what little was left of my life. I went to our gun safe, only to hear a knock on the door. ATF agents were going door to door to collect everyone's guns, so I was required to surrender mine. I tried looking up alternative suicide methods on the internet, but Ross's FCC kept forcibly rerouting me to the NAMBLA website. This was Ross Scott's America, folks.
  6. there seems to be some confusion about this. Ross's Game Dungeon is my intellectual property, and mine alone. all of my headcanons are 100% legitimate, where as yours are all laughably fake. there is no room for interpretation whatsoever in Ross's Game Dungeon. not even a little bit. to claim otherwise is heresy, and also in violtion of my legal rights as an artist. i hope this clears things up.
  7. There's reasons to be concerned about gun control but in the case of America none of them really ever beat the fact that the less people own guns, the less gun violence happens. I mean, unless you let the police keep them, which you shouldn't, but conservative gun nuts don't actually give a shit about police. At best, they want to be the police.
  8. As far as I can tell, the rules don't prohibit the discussion of piracy, only hosting or linking to pirated content. It'd be really weird to disallow all talk of it, given what we've seen on the Game Dungeon.
  9. An exception that the execs routinely don't make, though. If players can just get the money-making part of the game by playing normally, they're not going to view it as profitable, and most AAA companies will either give them up or move to a more properly-evil model instead. There are better and worse versions of lootboxes, but ultimately there's no non-evil version. If there was, it'd be abandoned immediately, because we get more money if we do it the other way. I don't like regular microtransactions either, but at least with those, you know what you're buying. If you forced every game with paid lootboxes to just say what was in them on the tin, 100% of those games would be objectively improved, and zero people would suffer. Because it's not like the devs are choosing this, it's always an executive decision, that's why you basically never see things like this in indie games, or anything that won't be making enough money to get away with it anyway.
  10. It's regulation to prevent plutocratic companies from fucking over people even more than they already are, the same reason you outlaw child labor or beating your employees with a stick. They literally do nothing good for anyone, and have addictive properties that can and have destroyed lives, while not being restricted, regulated or outlawed the way regular gambling is, and all for the games themselves to be worse for having them. The biggest "victim" of banning them is shareholders and CEOs who didn't deserve the money they were making off of these mechanics in the first place, and still won't be taking enough of a hit for any real "problems" to arise. EDIT: yo was the person I was responding to was literally an ad bot for a gambling site?
  11. The Binding of Isaac: Repentance finally released last night. The game as a whole feels way more polished now. I only managed to get to the new final boss (well, "final", because we know how this game is) once with Azazel, and still died. The new floors, enemies and bosses are all great, though. I'm looking forward to discovering what the rest of the game holds. Not happy with mod support currently being disabled, though. I get not wanting people to cheat, but I used to be able to hold the right stick button to restart whenever I wanted, a feature previously only for keyboard players for some reason. Now I have to back out into the menu to do it. I don't know how to unlock it again.
  12. This guy's posts are hilarious, I say let him be. It's 1000% more preferable to watching people argue with the kind of wackos you get in the political threads. It reminds me of late-2000s Andrew Hussie, premium shitpost that you can't tell whether it's ironic or not.
  13. You guys remember those Amazon "happy worker" social media accounts from a year or two ago? This could be the inverse of that, manufacturing the dumbest outrage possible so regular people feel obligated to defend a corporation they should hate. So every time you see a weird conspiracy theory about Amazon being radical antifa trans communists or whatever and laugh about how obviously false that is, you're essentially seeing ads targeted at wanting to not be associated with the conspiracy theorist. I mean, it probably isn't that, but it's more likely than the stuff this guy thinks.
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