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  1. Synergize proactively. Execute earnings enhancement efficiencies. Monetize mission-critical methodologies. Cultivate comprehensive cross-platform cost-saving convergence. Enhance equity, maximize ROI, optimize TCO. Disintermediate distributed deployment of downstream deliverables. Normalize net-net nonnegative negotiables. Interdelineate scalable, robust, granular paradigms. Facilitate frictionless front-end fiducial functionalization. Totalize transactive target-tailored tractables. Create compelling content contextualizations. Incentivize, incubate, implement, integrate, and iterate innovative, impactful, interactively intermediated infrastructures. I believe you have my stapler. [edited]
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    "Got Backups?" As I insist on keeping external and offsite backups frequently updated, I can at least be sure that I'm not going to lose much data when disaster strikes.
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