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  1. Well, about arabic countries, I'll slightly correct it…the thing is, some of them (the ruling cast at least) are educated at least high enough to know what they have and don't have. So especially the Saudis, they pretty much used to trade oil for everything they did not have, incl. manpower willing to work (there is many ppl from Asia working there), ppl to run the sophisticated equipment (often engineers from India or Pakistan, and ofc Iran as Iranians are not arabs!) and highly educated ppl from Europe or US of A to build those things. Than they pretty much corrupt the part of their own citizens which will never properly work (or even do damage; if they do something usefull, it's more like services; note how many of the actual arabs do trade or something similar, and how little do some actual work) by some kind of minimum income so they mostly sit in front of the door and smoke something in a pipe the whole day. Problem is, as the price of oil went so down, things begin to crumble there so we may see some wild things going there in the near feature…Saudi's made many enemies so they could pretty much cease to exist the moment all the other families learn they could no longer maintain control. But yeah, it actually is quite similar in Arabia or Africa. Something as democracy (not that it is a good system by far, anyway) won't work for absolute majority in there. It is a simple fact that mostly just autocratic regimes work there, no matter it its some kind of dictatorship or monarchy. Just see what happens if you remove the dictator, say Hussein or Kaddafi. Somebody thinks it is now better in there than it used to be for average citizen? ADD// a crystal clear example of how thankful are http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-13/professors-its-not-okay-be-white
  2. The truth is, no matter how anybody sees it, that most charities and these non-profit organisations in last decade at least are just a great opportunity for most of the new-left individuals who do not want (and often really can) work, how to have a relatively easy life without much real work while often being able to enforce their ill theories on others (for example the environmentalism, feminacism, multiculturalism etc.) by applying pressure to politicians. It is just so easy to create an organisation which does not declare any profit by the end of the year, but their „members“ or „employees“ than „work“ couple hours a day from cafeteria for incredible salaries the whole time. Most of that payed by the tax-payers in the end. Just seen a discussion about one here in CZ, they supposedly turn about couple bilion CZK a year (!), 90% of that comes from state, EU (=state) and local self-government (=state too). Only 10 % from private donors. Being the other way around, OK, it's their money. But this is especially wrong. For that they recently "thanked" their involuntary donors using billboards with arabic texts. Not kidding you. Considering Europe is just now under muslim invasion orchestrated by the old-left politician parasites who hope to get their votes and stay in power for few more years, this would be a good joke if it was not reality. It is the same with most of the other organisations. I do not deny there may be few idealists among them, but that does not changes much. The fact remains the we taxpayers actually pay these parasites to pretty much support oppression of us, lawful-abiding citizens. While hordes who knows from where are slowly starting to plunder the continent. Indeed, there is so many similarities with the fall of the Roman empire there, this is era of decadency. About the education, well, seems that you are also under this propaganda influence. Why should I actually come up with any solution? Not sure about you, but for myself, I have no obligation to any of those people. I do not own them anything, I do not have to help them in any way. Hell, we even had no colonies, even though if we did, I would myself be pround of that cause that was a time when things actually changed to better in there. I could be considered lucky to have been born here, but yeah, that is how it is. Our ancestors worked hard to build something here. Most of that is going to hell as we speak, I can see that, while most people even support that in favor of few modern trinkets (phones and similar crap), thinking how great life they have, while they barely manage to pay rent each month (there could be no question about family, case most ppl here still have at least half a brain to not bring a child into such uncertain living conditions). Unfortunatelly, part of the last few generations which got most practically for free got crazy from that fact and decided for the rest that we (all) have to share that and give others, and use state governments for that. That combined with all the socialist and other leftish governments throughout the Europe, plus that shit in Brussels, who together slowly installed central plannend economy here, is drawing us down and soon it will be for the first time in a long time when the standard of living in the so-called western countries will drop. That and the huge criminality and trerorism. It is all just about to collaps, seems the ECB can not even print money fast enough to keep the thing going much longer. So we are getting deeper into our own garbage while supporting others? Makes sense. Not sure why you decided to stay here in Europe, I got the impression that this new-left ascent to power combined with the political correctness actually happened in the US some time ago (by the end of 90s maybe) so it is not bearable there in most places anymore, but the exact thing is happening here right now and if nothing else, I can at least say that and maybe open eyes to few other people. As for Africa and especially sub-saharan Africa, things go down the toilet there about from the time when the UK left the colonies. Since than, combined with all the medical and food help, we see population explosion, cause as I implied, them do not care of they life in a dirt with nowhere to live, nothing to drink or eat; they just continue to have more and more children. This just does not work and it is NO HELP in the medium term, not to mention long-term. When now we have few hundred million to take care of, in a decade it will be half a bilion and in two or three decades it will reach a billion! How is that help when if you feed one, soon you have two-three instead and each has less than before (or you have to provide more)? They have to (re)invent civilisation in there first, cause as I already said, what they used to do for centuries is massacre themselves for natural resources and than flourish fora while until repeated. (Meanwhile in harsher parts of the world, others invented technology to help them survive - to build better houses, to get more and better crop, clean water, etc.). Call it whatever you want, but this is the cold truth: any such "help" under current situation only makes it WORSE unless they change their lifestyle. It is sad that so many people get blinded so easily and can not think racionally about any of that. After all, our ancestors did not survive by throwing their own over board and supporting foreigners. Quite the very contrary. What our governments are doing right now is killing this civilisation in favor of foreigners. My three-cent opinion anyway, time to get some sleep now
  3. I did follow few links, so stick your accusations to wherever you want. It was jump from bad to worse site, all I found is some nothing-saying PDF leaflet, otherwise all the same nothing-saying politically correct phrases, which could be summed into "it is a good thing because it is a good thing". That's for transparency. It's interesting how they want to bring anything to households when there are no houses in the area I wrote about. The best they came up with in the last few centuries are bricks from sun-dried mug. Even if somebody builds houses for them, they are not even able to manage them and soon turn them to ruins, as everything else anybody builds them for free. Loans? Yo joking? They are making nothing of value to sell, how can they pay anything in return?
  4. Compared to the main Half Life, the Opposing force also was not it either. Besides, it was said that Valve put Shephard into stasis indefinitelly with no real further plans. So yeah, they could do it better, but there was little motivation before, and almost none now when the game is out.
  5. So I've finished the Prospekt. I think it really goes well with the HL:Opposing force, found some of the spirit in there. Seems that the author is ready to move on to next project, but made a team which will continue keeping it and hopefully we'll see the promissed Black forrest soon enough too. Since Valve seems to have liked it at least a bit and they also allowed it to sell on Steam, does somebody else also think that if they'll ever continue the HL franchise, they will make it canon? It makes little sense to forget it and make something else with Shephard when it's already there…
  6. The industrial Japan D2F switches are subjected to totaly different testing and the spec methodology also seems different. They only list 100k action IIRC but that's actually different figure than what the D2FC-F-7N list. Anyways, I would stay away from any conclusion such as "japanese are surely better" cause those are different products and we know pretty much nothing about how they do in actual mouses. Anyway, if somebody will ever need some switches fast, I keep (10M)(OF), (20M), D2FC-F-K(50M) and D2LS-21 on stock here in CZ
  7. Rly man, I thought you of all know better. First of all, there is very little actual information about where or who to will the money go. So somebody could have very nice X-mass. But even with the benefit of the doubt, it is most likely one of those projects for Africa etc. What they need most is EDUCATION, including learning that nothing's for free. Usually, when they don't have water, they fight and kill each other for it. When they do (and for free), they incredibly waste with it, so soon, very soon, they don't have any again, and others too (as usually very deep dwells are drilled, which results in further lowering of the underground water level). They have not changed in this regard for millenias, they still keep the primitive system of live - masacring themselves when the population grows more than what the environment can support, and than flourishing for a while until it happens again, over and over. This is pretty much the same as sending them food and medicine directly, while not sending them weapons so they can at least continue with their lifestyle as described in previous paragraph. It only makes the problem ENORMOUSLY worse. I'll pass, thank you very much, cause this is no solution, this is the very opposite: putting out a fire by pouring gasoline into it.
  8. Like some of those which grow trees to the sky?
  9. EDIT// Sorry for kinda long post, guess I am just in the philosophic mood ATM, but I think it would be good to sum everything here in one place. We'll see what Ross decides to do in the near future, but this is kinda how I feel it anyway. I watched this VNN video which also sheds more light on it and I think it's very clear: this subeconomy just could not work like this much longer. 'tube was loosing so much money even before the big-assed corporations said they will stop advertising. Way too many ppl started making videos about pretty much every shit they can think of, believing they'll make ton of money of that. I mean dumb ugly ppl who know and can do nothing, but just talk shit to camera for hours (and there are other dumb and ugly ppl who watch that crap, I am not sure what's worse ). Well, guess what: does not work that way. There's still the real world out there where human work is needed (and payed good for, at least sometimes lol). Now 'tube just implemented possibly poorly made bot, but who knows, that may actually be intention, to bring that ton to few pennies, so they also do not loose so much. On average, they've been pretty much paying way more than what the videos were worth, it's as simple as that. If you compare making a good written article to video, although both may be similarly demanding (both time and effort-wise), guess which was payed about gazillion times more for? In the end, isn't this just the equalisation which had to come one day? Cause the advertisement income is quite similar on both in the end (and a poor one for that matter), yet written articles are usually payed quite bad, while for the videos 'tube was paying way more on average. Plus there is also the thing about storing those milions of videos, and getting them to viewers. That ain't free. And is it better to just say to everybody that they'll be getting 1/10th from now on, or implement such a bot and say it's learning, just keep pushing the appeal button, but hey, you won't be compensated back even if we find it was indeed poorly flagged? I think way less ppl are furious about the second way than they would be with the first way, right? Yet the end result may be pretty much the same. Now there are of course great videos, but there is also a shitload of average and two shitloads of garbage videos. I know that money does not stink and ppl get very easily used to such income, but really, isn't it just kind of normalisation, return to where it was few years ago when ppl were doing as a hobby, mostly?* Ppl making good videos will most likely get noticed by either fans (=direct donations), or by companies which would hire them (like filmmakers, game makers etc.) in the end so they should be more or less fine. I may be mistaken, but hasn't been Ross too making tons of videos years ago more like for fun than for the few pennies he's been making on them? So it's not like question of standing behind his opinion but ending living on the street, or swallowing it up and keeping the income from 'tube, right? Now when there are so many fans supporting him so he does not really have to think about these matters of existence. I mean I am also kinda on a crossroad now when I am deciding if I will even continue writing articles at all cause it's mostly not even paying rent and the regime taxes, not to mention the expenses for running the website. Although I do enjoy it and believe there is some higher purpose in doing it. Yet I can just go to the real world to install cables and get two magnitudes better money for that. And of course it is also time to slowly think about the future, where writing articles means living in a squat I guess (definitelly not having a family in me own house, that's for sure). I understand many ppl are in similar situation now when 'tube is cutting their ad' income and they may be forced to end doing it. On the other hand ppl must understand too that Poogle won't be paying the losses of the overpaying 'tube forever. Yeah I may be using Poogle ads too ony my site to pay for some expenses, but the difference is, I not only talk about principles, I also act according to them. So Poogle ads were the first thing I removed when I took over my current reviewing site, because IMO Poogle is bad corporation and I do not want to have anything in common with them, if I don't have to. The same way I left fleebay etc. I would rather support tiny company which I believe is a good one rather than evil corporation even if it means loosing ton of money. 'tube was almost as bad as Poogle for very long time, lately they are getting even worse, so I would never even think about using that to host any videos (if I was even making some), heck I am not even watching anything there any longer when they want me not to. But that's me, guess I'm just the weirdo from next street _____________ Kinda realised this may be the reason why there are no direct download links here at Accursed Farms for new videos for some time now: there's no money per download. But there is money per view, well, at least there was until recently. No matter how bad the 'tube is and that Ross himself has criticised this company way too many times before, as long as them moneyz kept coming…
  10. Not sure where exactly in Poland, you'd have to ask him (if he has not mentioned in some video), though I have a feeling they share a flat with Magda. At least that's what I remember from some of Ross'es videos. I think she was also trying some machinima projects? I mean like sure, I understand his intention to also stand for other people by making such videos. But unless they stand on their own, and actually, unless he does himself by abandoning that, it's kinda futile. After all, it is still private website and it's their own rules, no matter how stupid. You don't have to use it, and if you don't like, than don't use it! You can criticise them of course, that's your right, but if you want to make them get the point, you won't do it from within anyway. It's corporation, they don't care at all what ppl say. For them, everything is OK as long as they have such insane numbers of ppl in the "uploader" box (and also viewer box for that matter). They won't do anything unless ppl start leaving such box and instead appearing in "uploader (viewer) at competing website" box. With so many direct supporters, there isn't much better situation for Ross to finally leave them morons and move vids elsewhere. That's what I mean, that I think he should have more than enough for nice life with the supporters of Accursed Farms iself, so he CAN stand out and help some other website getting bigger, big enough to compete with 'tube or other huge corporation. It won't happen on it's own, it needs users. And big enough users (like Ross) can make some difference on their own. Besides, it is kinda stupid to criticise some corporation for monopoly, and than continue using it and helping them to keep the monopoly in the first place! Nobody else will become serious competition unless ppl like Ross actually support them. That's why I have asked about the Gorilla Gong, when the Machinima group turned out to be dumbasses and Ross seems to be done with them. Now it seems it's just a bit of ranting, doing a bit of show about joining Gorilla Gong…and than staying on the bad, oh so bad 'tube anyway. Some ppl may actually call him a hypocrite. It reminds me the situation with AMD, how every second fool praises AMD for the competition, so he can buy Integrated Electronics/Lievidia cheaper. Yeah great Mr. Stupid, there won't be much AMD if you continue doing that and they go bankrupt cause everybody only has their mouth full of them, but never actually buy from them.
  11. It's more than what I usually make per half a year, roughly, and this is in this single month. And I am just here in CZ, next to Poland, couple hundred kilometers. Without any critics, I think Ross deserves it, but what the heck is he spending all them moneyz on? I mean, looking to history the donations never went under 1k per month. You can live with such money alone in Poland without any troubles and you do not have to even think about any 'tube dollars whatsoever. So unless he wants to save for a house with this, what's the problem? Can as well just give up all them 'tubes and keep it on this site alone. BTW, what happened to Gorilla Gong? There's been lot of talking about it initially and besides the few videos from the beginning, I can not see ANYTHING there. Am I just looking wrong, or has Ross abandoned that site?
  12. Of course there is a way: VOTE WITH YOUR DAMN PURSE and use some other video hosting site!! Well actually, seems like tube is voting with *their* purse. Heard that actually them Poogle boyz are bleeding on Tube, as they are pretty much paying more for views than they are getting from ads, no matter how annoying they are. So I guess all this crap is just to make you loose your income for a while. It may seem small, but if they cut couple hundred videos every day for day or two, it can make millions on savings a day… BTW, that's music from Fallout 2 in the background, isn't it?! Looks like somebody can recognise the good stuff
  13. Oh yeah…no. I was too all Mr. Open-Source and standards and all this BS. Than HTML5 actually came and hell, praised be flash. Never thought i'd say that, but it's not half as crap as the hell5… Sometimes reality just gives you a lesson. Try.
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