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  1. Same here, had a big urge of holding a marathon, This series reminds me of my first playthrough of half life, and they are awesome, Ross I appreciate every bit of effort you put into making these videos and hope you will be making more, Thank you!!!
  2. Mine was Half life 1 on the pc, it was one of my favorite games, but I did get scared of Blue Shift at my first playthrough, the haundeye's and the headcrabs were what scared me right after you exit the broken elevator, But after I got Half life 1, my dad bought me half life 2, the wrong one though , (it was the french edition, and I don't speak french), anyway that's my experience with my first Valve game.
  3. 1. Path to borealis(HL2) 2. I don't know if this is a half life song, it's titled: Route to city 17 (HL2 - Beta??) 3. Nuclear mission jam(HL1) 4. Half life decay menu music(HL1 - PS2 version) 5. Military precision(HL1) 6. Half life ending music(HL1) 7.Vortal Combat (HL2) This is my top 7 @shouldbenew the FM intro music is called military precision.
  4. Actually, Ross IMHO, you should take it easy because I don't want a rushed episode, take as much time as you want/need, you have alot going as of late, I wish you the best of luck with everything and can't wait for a new episode.
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