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  1. Everyone can watch it, though the chat will be set to subscribers only and the vod on Twitch(!) won't be accessible unless you've subscribed. Which isn't a big deal since it will be up on his YouTube channel a day later for everyone to enjoy : ) I'm REALLY excited for this podcast, as I have silently hoped it would come to happen one day, but I didn't really expect it to. Better yet I can watch it live on my Birthday, so that day is saved Same here. Generally speaking this is one of my favorites out there because it doesn't take itself too seriously. TB's dry sense of humor meshes well with the wackyness of his other regular contributers like Dodger/Cox. In other words Ross, have fun
  2. Thanks for the update Ross. Can't wait for the movie! A few suggestions: First, please create a twitter account, or use one you have (if you have it). It's an easy way to gain some visibility and an even better way to make some connections with other like-minded folks. Yeah yeah...twitter....but just think about how easy it'll be to keep your Adonis-like visage in the hearts and minds of your fans. Lets face it...that chest hair DEMANDS attention, it is like a beacon of awesomeness so why not share it with the world? Also, it'll be FAR easier for us, the fans, to advocate on your behalf and to hopefully get you in touch with people who can provide the assets/help/whatever you'd need. Speaking of assets, i strongly encourage you to reach out to Polatarium, who is working on Shroud of the Avatar (Ultima!!!). The reason I suggest this is they do a fair amount of crowd-sourcing of assets they use in game. Perhaps they can get you in touch with some of that crowd who'd be likely to approve your use of said asset. Also, Richard Garriot/Starr Long are notorious for not only funding of smaller projects but truly believe in both an open dev philosophy and creative works done by those not in the 'industry'. In addition, they have done a fantastic job of crowd-funding, should you ever wish to take a step in that direction. They do a fair amount of interaction on social media so...you know....do that stuff? maybe? Also, I might suggest trying to reach out to other folks in machinima, but also those who do game reviews and content-reviews online. I'm not thinking you do this to try to get them to plug your stuff, but rather to use for networking purposes as they DO have contacts at various studios who could perhaps lend you some assets/time/experience/grooming skills. And who knows, maybe you make some new fans etc. I realize that the schmoozing aspect of this movie project is probably not high on your list. I mean, there's only so much conversation about bugs in your beans you can have right? Well... have you considered bringing on individuals who may be willing to do this for you? I know i'd volunteer time and energy to help try to bring people to you. or bring you to them? The bottom line is that i'm sure, I, like many of us, want to see you succeed. Not just because we want a little ROI on those donations (ok who am I kidding, I didn't give you any money), but because we all want to be a part of what you do in any way we can. Think about this for a moment if you will. Over the last...however many years you've been doing this, people have found hours and hours of entertainment in a space (machinima) that we know nothing about. We just like to have fun and watch some videos? I know zip about IV17, RGB or any of the stuff you mentioned towards the end of that video. But I do know that your fans likely have some crazy skills in other areas, and that would be happy to help you, for free, on their own time, because...well because our mundane lives can get boring. I know....who wants to ask for help? That shit can be tedious and probably will cause you some stress having to deal with people. People suck, i know. Just know that if you'd call, we'd pick up the phone, and maybe only hang up on you one time out of five.
  3. Found this on gamebreaker and of course instantly thought of Ross. http://www.gamebreaker.tv/culture/half-life-live-action-film/ Great start, and given what I saw i'd like to say I'll back their kickstarter...i mean why not? That being said, there clearly is a need for Ross to step in and do something with this
  4. Thank you Ross. I know this likely was hard to (carefully) put together. I think you have served the community well by trying to help others avoid the pitfalls that we're hearing more and more about.
  5. RE: the game you're trying to think of...was it Montezuma's Revenge? - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montezuma%27s_Revenge_(video_game)
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